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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

What We Do

Beyond the academic classroom, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship LLC offers a number of programs. These take place in our local DU community as well as the greater Denver area, including parts of the Rocky Mountains!  Below are examples of past activities: 

• Retreats that focused on creative problem solving, teamwork, and perseverance accomplished through escape rooms, high ropes courses, and hands-on activities. Opportunities to connect with peers in the program while enjoying the beauty of Colorado and s'mores over a campfire!

• Community engagement projects on and off campus as well as service opportunities with organizations like Project X-ITE, The Innovation Labs, Cafe 180, The Village Institute, Green Bank of Colorado, to name just a few!

• Visits to other creative spaces, as well as site tours of local organizations and businesses.

• Engagement with guest speakers who offered varying perspectives and experiences in relation to innovation and entrepreneurship.

• Events and activities that focused on enhancing creativity and entrepreneurship skills. Past events have included attendance of workshops at Denver Startup Week, a creative project night at Upstairs Circus, exploration of innovative exhibitions at the Denver Art Museum, and an in-depth look at Patagonia's business and sustainability model.   

Watch this feature about Wanderlift that was the creation of IELLC students!


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