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As a student in the International LLC, you will take three, 2-credit seminars your first year at DU. All three courses are only open to students in the International LLC. There is no required coursework after your first year.

Classes can be applied toward the Intercultural Global Studies minor- follow this link to find out more!

Fall Quarter: Issues in Globalization

“Globalization” is a widely used word these days, however, there is little agreement on what it means. Your first quarter is dedicated to gaining an understanding of globalization and how it affects societies around the world. In this course, you will learn how it affects jobs and the economy in countries such as the United States, Mexico and Ethiopia. You will also discuss aspects of the contemporary phenomena of immigration and migration. This is a 2 credit course.

Winter Quarter: Global Communication

You’ve likely heard someone say something to the effect of how “the world is getting smaller.” More accurately, the world is getting closer as many more people are connected by travel, international trade, migration, changing demographics, faster and more widespread technology, etc. More than any generation before, we are coming into more frequent contact, by many different means, with more people, who are both similar to and different from us in many ways. This increased access presents us more opportunities for international (and intercultural) interactions.

In this course, you will explore the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the communicative dynamics of these inter-group interactions, building on past and as a foundation for future quarters’ and other programs’ discussion of specific peoples, issues, “hotspots” and potential solutions.With a greater understanding and ongoing awareness of these fundamentals, we can more constructively engage our international experiences. This is a 2 credit course.

Spring Quarter: Global Citizenship

In this course, you will cultivate an understanding of global citizenship that moves beyond international awareness. By exploring key concepts of civic life through the lens of global issues and perspectives, you’ll learn to think critically about topics such as human rights, citizenship, sustainable development and environmental issues, globalization and economic rights and democracy, in addition to developing a more nuanced view of your own role in contributing to a more equitable, sustainable and just world. This is a 2 credit course.

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