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Living and Learning Communities

Living & Learning Communities


int-logoThe International Living and Learning Community's mission is to promote an active community of engaged learners who gain cultural awareness, understanding and respect for other societies at the local and global level. We attempt to accomplish this by focusing on our community, academics, and service projects.

DU's International LLC offers a unique, residential experience that unites students of diverse backgrounds and internationally-oriented goals. Students explore current global issues and emerging social concerns through a combination of seminar courses, community-based service opportunities and extra-curricular activities.

We accept 22 students into the International LLC.illc

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What do previous students say about the International LLC?

"Joining the International Living and Learning Community is one of the best choices I've made. Coming to a new state, I did not know anybody. Living on a floor with people with the same interests, and different backgrounds that are so open to new experiences made a great environment to come into."

"The ILLC helped me become more open to new ideas and new values that I may have rejected in the past but now have come to understand through the classes and through students and faculty."

"This program was one reason I ultimately chose to come to DU. I am so glad I got the opportunity to participate in this community."

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