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Intercultural Global Studies Minor

The three courses associated with the International LLC can be applied to the Intercultural Global Studies Minor. You may use the fall and winter courses as the introductory course for this minor. You may use your spring LLC course for elective credit.

Please view the Undergraduate Bulletin for more information.

Minimum 24 Credit Hours


The Intercultural Global Studies minor, housed in the Division of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, represents an innovative interdisciplinary approach to understanding cultural similarities and differences of diverse groups living in the United States and throughout the world. In an increasingly interconnected society, this minor serves to develop essential intercultural critical and analytical skills and to bridge the gap between the knowledge of these skills and their application through coursework and structured domestic and international engagement experiences. The purpose of the minor is to integrate and complement the student's major fields of study with humanistic and social science training in navigating today's global society.