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International Living & Learning Community

What We Do

In the International LLC, students increase their awareness of global concerns in a number of ways. Below you will find a sample of past activities that connect the ILLC with the DU community, Denver, and the world beyond!

• Retreats that focused on teamwork, perseverance, and fun in the Rocky Mountains accomplished through high ropes courses, hikes, and hands-on activities. Opportunities to connect with peers in the program while enjoying the beauty of Colorado and s'mores over a campfire!

• Involvement in community engagement projects to give students the opportunity to learn about and contribute to local organizations, as well as the chance to further explore potential interests under the International umbrella. Past partners have included the English Language Center on campus, the International Rescue Committee, the American Red Cross, Save the Children Action Network, and Project C.U.R.E. to name just a few!

• Site tours of local organizations doing work with international communities and/or on international topics, such as the Posner Center and Women's Bean Project.

• Engagement with guest speakers on various subjects, such as work and study abroad opportunities, human rights, water and sanitation access, global health, and environmental concerns. Examples of past speakers include: Colorado Refugee Speakers Bureau, Focus Points and Comal, Water for People, Shadhika, as well as ILLC alumni!

• Events and activities that focused on multi-cultural awareness, respect, and appreciation. Excursions have highlighted an array of international cuisines through community dinners, exploration of works by Monet at the Denver Art Museum, workshops at Museo de las Americas, coffee tasting with Queen City Collective Coffee,TEDxMileHigh, and collaborations with the ELC for a Fall Fest and Lunar New Year events!

Volunteering with the English Learning Center (ELC) has been a great tradition of the ILLC. Here is a feature of a former ELC student and one of our athletes for DU Soccer!

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