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International Living & Learning Community

What We Do

In the International LLC, students increase their awareness of global concerns in a number of ways. Please find below a sample of past activities:

  • Guest speakers on various subjects, such as work and study abroad opportunities, human rights, genocide, health, development, and global environmental concerns.
  • A fall retreat in the great outdoors while learning more about each other, ourselves, and the International LLC
  • Small and large group dining experiences with the Faculty Director and Program Coordinator at various international restaurants around Denver
  • Cultural events, such as the opera, plays, or symphony
  • International films at local theaters, classrooms, or in the residence hall
  • Opportunities to partner with internationally-focused organizations in Denver individually and as a group throughout the year

Volunteering with the English Leanring Center (ELC) has been a great tradition of the ILLC. Here is a feature of a former ELC student and one of our athletes for DU Soccer!

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