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Social Justice


As a student in the Social Justice LLC, you will take three 2-credit seminars (one each quarter) your first year at DU. All three courses are only open to students in the Social Justice LLC. There is no required coursework after your first year.

Four credits of your SJLLC courses can be applied toward the Intercultural Global Studies minor- follow this link to find out more!

Social Justice LLC Course Content

The Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter Social Justice courses are designed to build upon one another each term. The course content includes a combination of theoretical and activist approaches to social justice. Students critically examine texts and ideas from the social justice tradition, thereby acquiring a deeper understanding of the broad historical and philosophical context in which their own efforts on behalf of social justice are taking shape. Additionally, students will create their own social justice texts or works of art in order to develop some of the thinking and communication skills that are crucial to social justice scholarship and activism. Students will also work with the community, developing critical action projects with community partners, that are informed by, and in turn inform, their own social justice scholarship.

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