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Social Justice

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SJC a Pre-Law program?

No, although it might be a great primer for those of you interested in law. Students from all majors are welcome in the SJC.

What kind of projects do students do throughout the year?

Everything from fair trade coffee initiatives to hosting special awareness campaigns on campus or off. It truly is up to your imagination and energies.

Will I have time to do other things outside of the SJC?

Most certainly. Our SJC students are some of the most active in clubs, leadership and community partnerships in addition to their coursework. They set a great example for others at DU.

Do I pay extra to be in an LLC?

No! It is a great value added program to your DU education.

Can I apply to more than one LLC?

Yes. We encourage this. Since these programs fill up fast, you will want to apply early. If you are accepted to more than one LLC you will be able to choose the one that best fits your interests.

Should I apply before I find out if I am accepted to DU?

Yes! We recommend this as they fill fast. Notification of acceptance, however, will be given after you have been accepted to DU. You will also need to apply for Housing separately and then you will be placed on the correct LLC floor.

Will I get to know people outside my LLC floor?

Absolutely! This program helps you develop a strong base of friendships and networks that will go far beyond the floor you live on.

Can I be in the Honors Program and an LLC?

Yes, many students are in both. To be in an LLC however, you must live on the LLC floor your first year.

What is the time commitment and does an LLC go beyond the first year?

The SJC offers a 2 credit class in fall and winter and a 4 credit WRIT class in the spring. In addition, you are expected to participate in 1-2 formal events every 2-3 weeks, along with working with a community organization on a regular basis. Students may live together in Nelson Hall after their first year, but there is no required coursework past the first year.

Do I still apply for Housing?

Yes! You should apply for Housing as soon as you are accepted to DU. The LLC office will then notify Housing of your acceptance into an LLC so that you are placed on the correct floor.