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Social Justice

What We Do

Students come to the Social Justice LLC with a wide variety of interest areas. Staff and faculty work with students to address social justice issues in deep and meaningful ways. Some of the issues about which students are passionate include homelessness and poverty, the education system in the U.S., immigration, GLBTQI rights, and health care.

Students go on a personal journey, learning about themselves and developing their own identity before they start addressing any of these issues. Students learn about issues of power, privilege and oppression, and how they can actively engage with their own community, the Denver community, and beyond.

Here is a snapshot of specific events and activities that are traditionally part of the Social Justice LLC:

  • A fall retreat to the Balarat Outdoor Education Center, in which students participate in a ropes course and other team building activities
  • An urban spring retreat in downtown Denver
  • Each student spends time engaging in the Denver community throughout the year, working with organizations and people committed to bringing about positive social change
  • Social Justice LLC dinners, featuring speakers from a variety of organizations involved in creating social change
  • Viewing films and plays, visiting museums, and discussing how they relate to social justice issues
  • Opportunities to get involved with different student groups and organizations on campus. Some of these include:
    • Black Student Alliance (BSA)
    • Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)
    • Student Senate (AUSA)
    • The Asian Student Alliance (ASA)
    • The Latino Student Alliance (LSA)
    • The Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME)

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