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Environmental Sustainability


Students in the Environmental Sustainability LLC take three 2-credit academic courses during their first year at the University of Denver. Community engagement experiences are an important piece to the program and are incorporated throughout the year. In each quarter, students explore a different aspect of environmental sustainability.

All courses can go toward a minor in Sustainability which is offered through the Environmental Science program.

Fall Quarter: Regional and Local Environmental Issues

In this course, students develop a sense of place by discovering the local environment of the front range of Colorado. This year, students will focus on transportation and the successes and challenges we face here in Denver. This includes field trips to Lower Downtown Denver (pictured below), Old South Pearl Street, and the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado. Students will also contribute to the ESLLC blog to engage in other sustainability issues around the state, country and world. The ESLLC participates in a year long community engagement projects in order to gain a larger understanding of sustainability issues, build skills for the workplace, and give back to the community. This is a 2 credit course.


Winter Quarter: The Impact of Development on the Environment

The winter quarter course examines issues of urban and suburban development and its impact on our environment.  Excursions outside of the classroom utilize Denver's resources and experts in sustainable building practices, water quality and sewage treatment, and green business design. Typically, the LLC visits a green company such as Patagonia or the Denver Bicycle Cafe (picture below) during this quarter. The students will continue to contribute to the ESLLC blog and give 2-5 hours a week to their community partner for their community engagement projects. This is a 2 credit course.


Spring Quarter: Energy in American Society

The topics of sustainability and energy resources drive the Environmental Sustainability LLC spring quarter course. Students examine sustainability by investigating energy, population, agriculture, and the use of natural resources. During this quarter the class attends the DU Sustainability Summit, hears from experts in renewable energies, and volunteers to help local environmental restoration projects with Rocky Mountain Field Institute. Students will wrap up their work with their community partners and produce a manual for the next year's ESLLC students to continue their service project. Pictured below is our students working with Jovial Concepts for their community engagement projects. This is a 2 credit course.


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