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Environmental Sustainability

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all students in the Environmental Sustainability LLC environmental science majors?

No. Students from all majors are in the Environmental Sustainability LLC. Since environmentalism and sustainability can be a theme in any academic learning experience, we find that students take what they learn and apply it in other areas of their education.

How will the Environmental Sustainability LLC increase my level of environmental knowledge?

The LLC uses several approaches to increase your environmental knowledge. First, we examine environmental theory and ethics in the academic setting. Second, we put theory to the test by gaining hands on experience in the field on environmental projects and retreats. Finally, we work as a community to increase environmental awareness in the DU and Denver community.

Will I be forced to change my lifestyle to fit in to the standards of an environmentally aware community?

Environmental sustainability is a lifestyle choice that varies for each individual. While our ultimate goal as a community is to live a more sustainable lifestyle, this has a different meaning for each person. We work together as a community to share ideas and set attainable goals for each student involved. And we have fun while we are doing this!

Do I pay extra to be in a LLC?

No! It is a GREAT value added program to your DU education.

Can I apply to more than one LLC?

Yes! We encourage this. Since these programs fill up fast, you will want to apply early. If you are accepted to more than one LLC you will be able to choose the one that best fits your interests.

Should I apply before I find out if I am accepted to DU?

Yes! We recommend this as the LLCs fill fast. Notification of acceptance, however, will be given after you have been accepted to DU. You will also need to apply for Housing separately and then you will be placed on the correct LLC floor.

Will I get to know people outside my LLC floor?

Absolutely! This program helps you develop a strong base of friendships and networks that will go far beyond the floor you live on.

Can I be in the Honors Program and a LLC?

Yes, many students are in both. To be in a LLC however, you must live on the LLC floor during your first year.

What is the time commitment and does a LLC go beyond the first year?

Every LLC requires your enrollment in a 2 credit hour, weekly class each quarter. In addition, you are expected to participate in 1-2 events every 2-3 weeks depending on the LLC theme. You'll of course enjoy the spontaneous friendships and activities that emerge on the floor adding to the many opportunities you have for social networking.

Do I still need to apply for Housing?

Yes! You should apply for Housing as soon as you are accepted to DU. The LLC office will then notify Housing of your acceptance into an LLC so that you are placed on the correct floor.


  • It will improve your first year by 100% and it is a great to start off your college experience surrounded by people who have some of the same ideals.
  • It is an invaluable experience that will change your mind about sustainability making it tangible, critical, and an issue that you care deeply about. (And the retreats and field trips make this course amazing!)
  • You will get an instant community and group of people you have common interests with. I've heard that many other hallways do not get nearly as close as we did.