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Environmental Sustainability

Student Spotlight

Get to know some of our amazing students!

Gillian Hardy

Hometown: Cañon City, COgillian

Major: International Studies

Graduation year: 2022

What is your favorite LLC memory? 

Our first retreat to Mt. Evans when we all walked to the lake to look at the stars and just talk.

What else are you involved with on campus? 

I work for the Center for Sustainability and I'm part of DU's kayaking club

Why did you choose to apply to the Environmental Sustainability LLC?

I chose to apply for the ESLLC because I love being outdoors and am really passionate about sustainability and protecting our wild places. I wanted to be surrounded by people who were passionate about similar things and who I could learn and grow with.

Marissa Sulmeisters

Hometown: Centennial, COmarissa

Major/ Minor: Criminology and Spanish

Graduation year: 2020

What is your favorite LLC memory?

I can't think of a specific moment because every moment is fun and memorable. I love that we all hang out in the hallway and outside all the time. We study together, eat together, and hang out together outside of just the LLC class or our dorm. I love our family dinners and how genuinely close we all are. People usually have their doors open and we just stop by and say hello, trade stories, and plan fun outings.

What else are you involved with on campus?

I am in the Chi Omega Sorority, a member of Clean Community Crew, and I work as a student team manager for the DU women's volleyball team.

Why did you choose to apply to the Environmental Sustainability LLC?

I love the environment and have spent a good portion of my life appreciating the outdoors. I hate the thought of future generations not having the same opportunities to enjoy our world as I do. I wanted to know more about how to help protect the Earth now and in the long run.

John Kurtz

johnHometown: Mankato, MN

Major(s)/Minor(s): Geography and Spanish/ Biology and Sustainability

Graduation Year: 2019

What is your favorite LLC memory?

My favorite LLC memory is trudging through the thigh deep snow around the Mt. Evans field station with some of the current ESLLC'ers under the full moon one night. None of us really had adequate winter attire, but it was a balmy 32 degrees and trudging through deep snow under coniferous trees filtering moonlight through their branches was a memorable experience to share with the LLC.

What else are you involved with on campus?

I am involved with the DU Rock Climbing team, sustainability at DU and being the ESLLC RA.

Why did you choose to apply to the Environmental Sustainability LLC?

I chose to apply to the ESLLC because I was looking for a community that cared about the environment and was more centered around developing a community than a regular residence hall. The weekly class, field trips, and quarterly retreats sounded radtastic and Prof. Sullivan sold the ESLLC pretty well during a prospective student day. I could tell I would get a lot more out of college by living and studying with an LLC than by not doing so.

Mel Gorton (he/him)

Hometown: Trumbull, CTmel

Major(s)/ Minor(s): Environmental Science/ Communication Studies Minor

Graduation year: 2018

What is your favorite LLC memory?

There are so many...
What first comes to mind is our first trip up to Red Rocks. Don taught us all about the geology of the landscape and then we scrambled up and down the amphitheater. Everyone was just getting to know each other still and I look back to those photos and we all look like babies!

What else are you involved with on campus?

I'm an employee in Center for Sustainability, as a Zero Waste Manager as well as Mindful Consumption Chair for the Sustainability Committee.

Other than sustainability things, I try to involved myself with the music scene. I'm a singer-song writer and the front man for my band: Mel 'n Heads.

Why did you choose to apply to the LLC?

I chose to apply to the ESLLC because I was worried about feeling lost and homesick so far away from home. I knew that if I was coming in to college with a set group of people that I had shared beliefs with, I would feel more part of the campus framework. Don at PioDays, had talked up the quarterly trips so much that these were not opportunities I wanted to miss. DU was my absolute first choice if I were to be accepted.

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