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This is not your high school health class! Students in the Wellness LLC take three, rigorous, 2-credit-hour academic courses during the first year. In the Wellness LLC education progression, we first examine wellness theory and personal wellness as it applies to each community member in the LLC. From there, we examine spirituality as it applies to wellness and the personal spiritual path. Finally, we study community wellness as it applies to our LLC and the local Denver area. 

These courses provide a solid foundation for the optional minor in Wellness. 

Fall Quarter: Introduction to Wellness

Building a strong and dynamic community is the first step in creating a well community of students, and therefore, it is our first priority as a community in the Wellness LLC. We start by going on a retreat to Cal-Wood Education Center. This course provides a foundation in the theory of wellness. This is a 2 credit course.

crimson classic

Winter Quarter: Spiritual and Emotional Wellness

In the winter, coursework includes a personal examination of spiritual wellness and the spiritual context of wellness in our world. Students step outside of their comfort zone to attend a spiritual or religious meeting or practice that differs from their own. This experience is supported in the classroom by examining biases and stereotypes we have about spirituality and religion. Students learn how to communicate with people who are different than them and how to process those experiences in order to strengthen their individual spiritual or emotional path.This is a 2 credit course.


Srping Quarter: Community and Social Wellness

Our final quarter is devoted to community wellness. In this quarter, students create a narrative of their relation to community wellness through a visual project and presentation. For our final retreat, we go to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs for some relaxation and bonding (pictured below). This is a 2 credit course.

                       hot springs

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