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Living & Learning Communities


well-logoThe Wellness LLC is an engaged community that fosters balanced living through academic and personal journeys of wellness. In the Wellness LLC, students work to cultivate and maintain a healthful lifestyle as it applies to self, spirituality and community. In this LLC, students become more aware of their strengths and challenges in the dimensions of wellness such as spirituality, fitness and physical health, community wellness, emotional wellness and mental wellbeing. With the support of the community, students thrive in the Wellness LLC and create lasting friendships. 

The community is developed and nurtured through experiential programming, community engagement, and regular interaction with students, staff and faculty. As a member of the community, you will enjoy retreats, community projects, and wellness workshops in addition to your academic class in Wellness. For students with a strong desire to take their studies in Wellness to the next step, we offer an academic minor in Wellness. The LLC courses are the foundation for the minor.

We accept 30 students into the Wellness LLC.


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Words from the well: What was the most valuable aspect of the Wellness LLC?

  • The opportunities where I got to try many new experiences that really helped me come to know myself and those around me even better.
  • Living together and building strong friendships and relationships with people who I probably would not have normally met.
  • The overall emphasis on balance and all the different aspects of life that are crucial for wellbeing; I learned to refocus on the things that are truly important in life.


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