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Life After the LLC

ON CAMPUS Involvement

Morgan, WLLC 2015-2016

Alpine Club Risk Manager

DU Campus Safe-Walk Volunteer

Clara, WLLC 2014-2015

Trained Facilitator for DU Sustained Dialogues

Volunteer with DU Food Recovery Network

WLLC Resident Assistant

Brittany, WLLC 2013-2014

JJ, WLLC 2014-2015

Jacob, WLLC 2015-2016

Toni, WLLC 2015-2016


Paige, WLLC 2011-2012

Intern at Lutheran Family Services in the foster care department working with unaccompanied refugee minors in a mentorship/psychosocial/mental health support role

Intern at Voice of Children in Nepal doing psychosocial trainings and activities for children and staff

Intern at Maria Droste Counseling Center conducting one-on-one therapy with children and adults

Hannah, WLLC 2016-2017 - Intern at (w)holehearted

Sophie, WLLC 2016-2017 - Intern at Simply Nourished Nutrition

Emily, WLLC 2016-2017

Westwood Bridge Project Mentor/Tutor

University of Denver Pioneer Pathways Program (P3)


Rachel, WLLC 2016-2017 - Volunteer with Rocky Mountain Assisted Living

Alex and Rachel, WLLC 2013-2014 - Volunteer/Assistant at Active Motion Physical Therapy

Emily, WLLC 2016-2017 - Volunteer at Parkview Medical Center (in nursery and pediatric ward)

Rachel, WLLC 2013-2014 - Volunteer at Little Angels Crèche, South Africa 


Maddie, WLLC 2013-2014 - Medical scribe/assistant at Cornerstone Health Community - Specializes in functional medicine 

Sophie, WLLC 2016-2017 - Yoga Studio Worker at yoga:Vinyassa 

Kendall, WLLC 2016-2017 - University of Colorado Physical Therapy Clinic; The clinic helps people in wheelchairs get better wheelchairs or upgrades them from manual to automatic wheelchairs

Emily, WLLC 2016-2017 - Richie Center for Sports and Wellness

Rachel, WLLC 2013-2014 - Gymnastics Coach at DU Youth Gymnastics

Clara, WLLC 2014-2015 - Administrative Assistant at the DU Living and Learning Communities


Alex, WLLC 2013-2014 - Doctor of Physical Therapy, Des Moines University

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