The Colorado Coal Field War Project is an archaeological project conducted by Binghamton University, Fort Lewis College, and the University of Denver. The project is investigating sites from the 1913-1914 coal strike in order to understand how conditions in the coal camps led to the strike and how the strike changed those conditions, and to raise public awareness of the Coal War and the Ludlow Massacre. This website provides information on the 1999 summer Teacher's Institute, "Work and Culture in the Southern Colorado Coal Field, 1860-1960," held on June 22-27 in Trinidad, Colorado, as well as a brief history of the coal field war, archaeology at Ludlow and Berwind, and resources on the Ludlow Massacre, archaeology, anthropology, mining, and labor history. We intend to post lesson plans and other educational resources developed by K-12 educators for use in teaching students about the Ludlow Massacre and the events which occurred in the southern Colorado coal field in 1913-1914.

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