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Brand & Logo

University of Denver Logo

The University of Denver's graphic identity—its signature—portrays the institution to the outside world. The identity was designed to reflect the University's stature within a dynamic city and a region characterized by opportunity and independent thinking. Its combination of traditional and modern elements tells us that the University is grounded in the past but oriented toward the future. Consult the Brand Visual Guide for additional details on using the logo.

Our visual identity

The main elements in the University of Denver visual identity are the shield, logotype and official colors. When used together, these elements provide a strong, distinctive signature.

University of Denver Logo

Download a .zip file of University of Denver logo (contains .eps, .jpg, and .png versions) for use in University of Denver publications.

  • The shield, which signifies tradition, incorporates three key elements:
    • a vignette of the University's skyline to emphasize the primacy of academics and the scope of our aspirations
    • the date of the University's founding, 1864, to communicate the institution's longevity and strength
    • a depiction of nearby Mount Evans to reference our inspiring location
  • The colors crimson and gold have served the University throughout much of its vibrant history. Crimson, in particular, plays a dominant role in the institution's graphic identity, while gold serves as an elegant accent.
  • The University of Denver logotype is rendered in Trajan, a modern font celebrated for its clarity, beauty and reverence for the classics.

This signature identifies the University as an institution defined by its geography, history and ambitions.

University program-specific logos

Secondary field

University of Denver Logo - Secondary Field

The secondary field of the University of Denver signature communicates the names of schools, colleges, offices and divisions.

Tertiary field

University of Denver Logo - Tertiary Field

The tertiary field is reserved for the name individual departments, centers and institutes within larger units. For instructions on editing the third line of the logo, download the PDF guide for creating tertiary field logos. The guide provides details around the following points.

  • The tertiary field calls for a uniform font style that should not be altered.
  • Every effort should be made to keep the tertiary field to a single line.
  • An ampersand (&) should be used to replace the word "and." In addition, the words "the," "for" and "of" should be lowercase.
  • When signatures need to be enlarged or reduced, the relative scale of elements should be observed.

Download your logo

This listing provides a .zip containing an .eps, .jpg, and .png version of the secondary field logo for each unit. For the most professional results, please use the .eps file for resizing and print work.


Alumni Relations

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Business and Financial Affairs

Business Intelligence

Business Services

Campus Safety

Chancellor and Office of the Chancellor

Center for Multicultural Excellence

Conference & Event Services

Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science

Diversity & Equal Opportunity

Facilities Management& Planning

Financial Affairs

Financial Aid

Graduate School Association Council

Graduate School of Professional Psychology

Graduate School of Social Work

Graduate Tax Program

Human Resources

Institutional Compliance & Internal Audit

Institutional Research & Analysis

Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer


International Student Admission

Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Marketing & Communications

Morgridge College of Education

Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Office of the Bursar

Office of the Controller

Office of Graduate Studies

Office of the Provost and Provost

Office of the Registrar

Office of the University Architect

Purchasing Services

Record Management

Research & Sponsored Programs

Risk Management

School of Engineering & Computer Science

Student Life

Strategic Issues Program

Sturm College of Law

The Women's College

University Advancement

University Architect

University College

University Counsel

University Events

University Honors Program

Information Technology

If the logo you need isn't available on this page, contact Miles Woolen at [email protected] or 303-871-2883 for assistance.

All logos are for use in University of Denver publications only.