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2011 Media Releases

DU opens low-cost Couples Clinic

Sept. 8, 2011—One of the best ways of coping with all the emotions that people face on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is to talk to their partner or spouse about it. Howard Markman, director of the University of Denver's (DU) Center for Marital and Family Studies and head of the DU Couples Clinic, recently visited ground zero. He says it's important for couples to share their feelings to keep a strong relationship.

"We are the relationship optimists," Markman says. "Our research suggests couples who want to improve their relationship by learning communication and other skills can do so!"

The DU Couples Clinic opens Sept. 12. It offers low-cost counseling to couples. The counseling program used at the clinic is based on Markman's best-selling book "Fighting for Your Marriage," based on 30 years of research with couples at DU as well as new research being conducted at the psychology department at DU.

As of part of short-term couples therapy program at DU, couples will couples will learn communication skills, to improve their ability to talk without fighting about important issues, to solve problems as a team, to be more supportive, to understand commitment, sacrifice and forgiveness, to have more fun, be better friends and restore sensuality and romance.

"Research shows that many marriages can be saved and couples who have thought about divorce and do not do so are happier with their marriage years later," Markman says.

The Couples Therapy Clinic can be reached at 303-871-3306 or [email protected] or look for them online at The Clinic is accepting calls now for appointments.