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2011 Media Releases

Vision Scholarship Awardees Named by The Women’s College and the Women’sVision Foundation

Dec. 8, 2011—Continuing a tradition of empowering and educating women, The Women's College of the University of Denver and the Women'sVision Foundation have announced the 2010-2011 Vision Scholarship honorees. The four scholarship recipients are Jacquise Gary, Amy Ruppeck, Ruth Starr, and Teri Thompson.

This year's winners will be presented at the 2010 Women's Success Forum on Wednesday, October 20th. The Vision Scholarships cover half-tuition throughout the student's undergraduate career.

"I am inspired and awed by the stories and the motivation of these four women. I am extremely proud of the commitment and dedication they bring to their jobs, their communities and to their families," says Lynn M. Gangone, Ed.D, dean of The Women's College. She notes that The Women's College and the Women'sVision Foundation are united by a shared vision that every woman deserves the opportunity to dream, flourish and accomplish their goals.

"Until we have a society where both men and women are deeply engaged in making decisions about the important issues of the day, there needs to be places that educate and empower women," Gangone says. She notes one of the goals of the Vision Scholarships is to provide the support to overcome the obstacles that might deter women from pursuing an education.

Jacquise Gary, Denver, was convinced that college was beyond her ability and means, and never dreamed of winning a scholarship. She wants to set an example for her family.

Amy Ruppeck, Golden, postponed returning to college in favor of raising her children. Now that it's her turn, Amy believes a degree in Business Administration will make her more competitive.

Ruth Starr, Denver, will be the first in her family to go to college. The Vision Scholarship will provide the opportunity she needs to earn her degree in Law and Society.

Teri Thompson, Englewood, is ready for her next challenge and sees her degree in Communication with a minor in Law and Society as a launching pad for what happens next.