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2011 Media Releases

Jan. 24, 2011—DU Offers Faculty Experts for Russian Airport Bombing Analysis

Jan. 25, 2011—University of Denver faculty experts for State of the Union analysis

Jan. 27, 2011—Designing sites where memories last; topic of Marcus Lecture

Feb. 7, 2011—Soldier's Stories—Memories reenacted in Myhren Gallery Exhibition

Feb. 7, 2011—DU Couples Clinic

Feb. 9, 2011—Sturm College of Law 2011 Law Stars

Feb. 11, 2011—DU hosts Sustainability Summit

Feb. 28, 2011—Hamilton Family Donates $250k to DU

Feb. 28, 2011—DU celebrates 147 years with Annual Founder's Day Gala

March 1, 2011—DU Hosts Religion, Human Trafficking and Slavery Conference

March 1, 2011—DU Hosts Brain Injury Conference

March 1, 2011—20th Annual Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute Conference

March 5, 2011—Penrose Library Hosts "Ballet Struck: Lillian Covillo and Colorado Ballet"

March 15, 2011—DU Law ranked in U.S.News & World Report's Top 100

March 20, 2011—TEDxDU 2011 & TEDxDU Active: Three Ways to Watch

April 4, 2011—DU Vying for 2012 Presidential Debate

April 7, 2011—Government Showdown Experts Available

April 7, 2011—DU Law Creates New Journal for Criminal Law

April 21, 2011—Law Students Sue Shingle Recycler Over Federal Water Violations

May 3, 2011—DU Honors Joy Burns for Contributions to University

May 4, 2011—10th Annual Diversity Summit

May 20, 2011—2011 Sturm College of Law Commencement

June 2, 2011—2011 Undergraduate & Graduate Spring Commencement

June 6, 2011—Nancy Cochran new Director of Lamont School of Music

June 13, 2011—Bridge Project Hosts Readers Party for Kids

June 16, 2011—2011 Summer Carillon Concert Series

July 7, 2011—Study shows Festival Attendees use Emotionally Healthy Strategies

July 11, 2011—DU names new Marketing & Communications Leader

July 22, 2011—Experts available to discuss Oslo bombing & shooting

July 27, 2011—Experts available to discuss debt ceiling

Aug. 4, 2011—Law students seek protection for sharks

Aug. 4, 2011—Chamberlin Observatory hosts Vesta Fiesta

Aug. 11, 2011—2011 Summer Commencement

Aug. 22, 2011—Ban Ki-moon to Speak at 14th Annual Korbel Dinner

Sept. 2, 2011—2011 Move-in Day

Sept. 7, 2011—Experts available to discuss 9/11 anniversary

Sept. 8, 2011—DU opens low-cost couples clinic

Sept. 12, 2011—2011 U.S. News & World Report Annual Rankings

Oct. 3, 2011—Animal-Assisted Therapy for Children

Oct. 3, 2011—DU announces 2011-2012 Cheerleading Roster

Oct. 8, 2011—DU's 2011-2012 Bridges to the Future

Oct. 10, 2011—General George W. Casey to speak at DU

Oct. 10, 2011—Pioneer Athletics Day

Oct.17, 2011—DU to host Daily Beast Columnist

Oct. 31, 2011—DU to host first 2012 Presidential Debate

Nov. 2, 2011—New senior staff appointments

Nov. 3, 2011—Colloquium for Arab Spring

Nov. 10, 2011—Statement regarding assaults near campus

Nov. 28, 2011—Law students land jobs after graduation

Dec. 8, 2011—Vision Scholarship Awardees Named by the Women's College and the Women's Vision Foundation

Dec. 9, 2011—Sturm College of Law to edit Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law


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