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2013 Media Releases

Partial Government Shutdown Experts Available for Interviews Experts have firsthand knowledge of government shutdowns and their impact on the economy, government operations and citizens

Sept. 30, 2013—The University of Denver has experts available related to various government shutdown issues, including personal experience in a government shutdown. To schedule an interview with an expert, contact DU Media Relations at [email protected] or call 720-608-0240.

Political Science
Seth Masket, Political Science Assistant Professor: Professor Masket was working in the White House during the 1995 shutdown and was classified as "nonessential," receiving a month off. He is an expert on American political system, specifically political parties and state and local politics. Prior to his academic career, he was a senior writer in the White House Office of Correspondence under President Clinton.

Peter Hanson, Political Science Assistant Professor: Professor Hanson is working on a book on how government shutdowns affect the political parties. He is an expert in American Politics. He focuses on Congress and how it has changed as Democrats and Republicans have become more polarized.

Finance and Economics
Maclyn Clouse, Finance Professor at the Daniels College of Business: Professor Clouse offers expertise in financial and economic environments, investing, revenues, cost and business models and banking. He is particularly adept at explaining complex financial situations in lay terms and can address the overall financial impact of the shutdown on communities, state and regional governments and the U.S. economy.

Robert McGowan, Professor and Chair of the Department of Management at the Daniels College of Business: Professor McGowan is a consultant to the Governor's Office in Colorado and can address the issue of the government shutdown public policy issues as well as its economic burden.

Ron Rizzuto, Professor of Finance at the Daniels College of Business: Professor Rizzuto is an expert in the big picture of acquisitions and finance. He can talk about bailouts, the financial and economic environments around the shutdown.

Jack Strauss, the first Miller Chair of Applied Economics in the Reiman School of Finance at the Daniels College of Business: Professor Strauss can talk about the effect of a government shutdown on financial markets, governmental services and the government workers themselves.

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