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2015 Media Releases

Colorado Women’s College Dedicated to Preserving its Mission

Feb 19, 2015—(Updated Feb. 18)—The Colorado Women’s College has a long history of placing women at the center of an academically challenging and life-changing learning environment. Throughout its history, it has faced times of change and taken steps to preserve its mission by reimagining its programs to serve the needs of contemporary students. The realities of the current marketplace require the College to think deeply about its future.

Despite significant investment in recruiting, market studies, and following the advice of national experts since 2005, CWC has been facing a steady student enrollment decline for over 15 years. This enrollment decline has been well-managed over the years; however, it is the assessment of the University and the College that despite collective best efforts, the current trajectory is an unsustainable model for the College and the University. As a result, the University of Denver and the CWC community need to reimagine how the College can and should move forward.

“This is a time for the CWC to evolve with the changing landscape while maintaining its commitment to educating women,” said Lynn Gangone, dean of the Colorado Women’s College. Our primary focus has always been on the well-being of our students and providing them with a safe, academically stimulating, and positive learning environment. Of course, CWC will support current students as they finish their programs.  As we reimagine the College’s future to serve the needs of contemporary students, we will preserve its mission in way relevant to the needs of 21st century women and society.”

The current CWC academic programs and curriculum will remain operational through the end of the 2016 academic year. All 152 students currently enrolled will be eligible to complete their coursework either through the CWC or within the greater University of Denver community. In the meantime, the University will consider several alternative models for the college. The focus will continue to be on developing women leaders for the challenges of tomorrow.  A final decision will be made following community input and consultation.

The CWC was founded in 1888 and officially opened its doors in 1909. Today it is one of 42 women’s colleges remaining in the U.S. and Canada.