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Campus Skyling

Division of Marketing & Communications

Social Media

The University of Denver encourages the use of social media as a way to engage with the public and members of our campus community. We recognize the need for schools, colleges, programs, departments and clubs to create social media accounts in order to build enriching relationships with their constituents.

To ensure that social media interactions made on behalf of the University of Denver represent the University's best interest, an application process has been developed. Only social media accounts which have gone through the application process will be considered official by the University and listed in the University's Social Media Directory.

If your social media account bears the University of Denver name, mark or logotype, you must do the following:

If your social media account was created prior to May 31, 2016, contact DU Social.

Social Media Resources

Before you start – A helpful list of things to think about before you get started.
Best practices – Easy-to-understand and jargon-free advice on how to effectively communicate over social media networks.