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Mary Reed in Winter

Digital Marketing

Web Development

We apply a user-first approach to all of our Web projects, and consistency in design, navigation and language is a priority.

For sites for individual programs, centers and institutes, we empower site mangers to complete their own website builds within the University's templated content management system. We consult with clients on architecture, content and design. Projects can be completed at the client's own pace.

For larger, more complex projects, we take a customized approach that includes research, architecture, design, development, content writing and editing, and brand marketing consultation.

Request a new site

To request a new site or migration of your existing site into the University's branded Web templates, please submit a request.

Training and support

Information Technology provides training and technical support for websites housed within the University's content management system. You can also contact Information Technology to request training or log a support request.

Web content

Copy for DU websites should be clear, succinct and compelling. Materials should be organized with plenty of headlines and subheads to facilitate scanning. Paragraphs should be limited to one main idea.

For more information on DU's style for writing on the Web, see the Web content style guide (PDF).

For more information about Web writing, or to set up a training, contact David Boocock