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Web Development


The digital team creates new websites and moves existing ones into the University's official branded Web templates.

To request a new site or migration of your existing site into the template, please submit a request and someone will get back to you within two business days.

For each new and redesigned site that's built in the CMS, we guide the client through a step-by-step process.

If you enter our process, you'll be responsible for three basic steps:

  1. Deciding how to organize your content (the information architecture)

  2. Collecting and writing content

  3. Entering content into the content management system

Depending on the size and needs of each individual site, the complexity of each step and the amount of time you'll need can vary quite a bit. See below for a detailed breakout of the entire process.

We advise and train our clients, empowering them to develop effective websites. By the time they complete our process, our clients have built a site that they can maintain and update themselves and that's consistent with the DU brand. 

See the right-hand column for other downloadable documents that will help you create or rebuild a site.