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Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy

Marsico Institute


In addition to leveraging early learning research to impact state and national policy, MIELL's work also benefits parents, providers, and other community stakeholders. The Early Childhood Colorado Information Clearinghouse website and open access lecture series (described below), as well as training programs we design for teachers and parents all incorporate the latest research on best practices.

Marsico Institute Early Learning Community Lecture Series

Ever since its inception, the Marsico Institute has been committed to taking high-quality research and best practices information beyond university walls. In our Early Learning Community Lecture Series, we bring in national and international experts on early learning topics, and offer an evening social event and lecture, free of charge.


Save the Date for the Marsico Institute’s annual Community Lecture series. This year's featured speaker will be Dr. Phil Fisherfrom the University of Oregon. Dr. Fisher will speak on the effects of early stressful experiences on children’s development and interventions to improve child outcomes.   More details on the early childhood leadership luncheon and evening public lecture will be available soon.


2015 April 28

The Raising of America 

Raisng Of America

On April 28, 2015 the Marsico Institute hosted a screening of the  Raising of America  documentary and a panel discussing how to ensure all Colorado children are valued, healthy and thriving.      

The discussions were very powerful. The panel discussion was filmed  by Rocky Mountain PBS and you can watch it below

The panelists included:

  • Stacy Howard, Qualistar Colorado,
  • Bill Jaeger, Colorado Children’s Campaign
  • Lynn Johnson,  Jefferson County Department of Human Services
  • Brenda McChesney,  Strengthening Families Network
  • Lydia Prado, Mental Health Center of Denver.

Thank you to our partners for their support in making this amazing event happen. Click here to view the program and executive summary.

Partner Logos

Watch the Raising of America Panel and Q&A, thanks to Rocky Mountain PBS



2014 October 28

Elevating the Capacity of Classroom Experiences for Promoting Students' Learning and Development: Observation and Improvement of Teacher-Child Interactions by Dr. Robert C. Pianta, Dean of the Curry School of Education, and Director of the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning at the University of Virginia.

2013 October 22

Science, Math, Literacy, and Social-Emotional Development in Early Childhood - Can We Do it All? by Dr. Kimberly Brenneman, Assistant Research Professor at the National Institute for Early Education Research and the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science, Dr. Nell K. Duke, Professor of Language, Literacy, and Culture at the University of Michigan, Dr. Mary Louise Hemmeter, Professor in the Department of Special Education at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Julie Sarama, Professor and Kennedy Endowed Chair at the University of Denver, Morgridge College of Education, and Dr. Douglas H. Clements, Kennedy Endowed Chair and Director of the Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy at the University of Denver, Morgridge College of Education


2012 November 15

Supporting Parental Engagement in Children's Developing Literacy by Dr. Eric Dearing, Associate Professor from Boston College's Lynch School of Education


2011 November 11

Promoting Literacy from Birth to Five by Dr. Nell K. Duke, Professor of teacher education and educational psychology, an affiliate of the program in school psychology, and co-director of the Literacy Achievement Research Center (LARC) at Michigan State University

2010 October 28

Brain Rules for Baby by Dr. John Medina, Author of Brain Rules for Baby

2010 April 29

The Science Behind Why Early Childhood Matters! by Dr. Jill Stamm, Founder of the New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development and author of Bright from the Start

2009 March 30

Best Practices for Serving Very Young Latino Children and Their Families by Dr. Michael Lopez, founder and former director of the National Center for Latino Child and Family Research


The Building Blocks of Pre-K Math by Dr. Doug Clements, Developer of "The Building Blocks of Early Mathematics"


Early Childhood Consultation

Growing numbers of stakeholders are understanding the importance of getting a good start on learning, as well as the interdependence of early learning and other critical areas of functioning. Thus, new schools or charter schools, mental health organizations, and private foundations among others are increasingly incorporating early childhood programming, or incorporating child development principles into their existing programming The Marsico Institute serves as a consultant to these initiatives locally and nationally, helping to insure that they are developmentally appropriate, based on good science, and keenly focused on issues of access and equity. If you have a program you would like to discuss with us, please contact our Director or Assistant Director of Policy and Practice.