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Neurodevelopmental Research Program


Selected Recent Publications


Stout-Oswald, S.*, Glynn, L.M., Bisoffi, M. & Davis, E.P. (under review). Prenatal exposure to maternal psychological distress and telomere length in childhood.
Appel, A.M.*, Davis, E.P., Sandman, C.A., Glynn, L.M. (under review). Perinatal maternal positive psychological well-being predicts child cognitive development.
Glynn, L.M., Davis, E.P, Luby, J.L., Baram, T.Z., & Sandman, C.A. (under review). Protecting preschoolers' mental health during COVID-19: Empirical evidence and implications.
Grande, L.*, Swales, D.A.*, Glynn, L.M., Sandman, C.A., & Davis, E.P. (under review) Maternal caregiving ameliorates the consequences of prenatal maternal psychological distress on child development.
Holmberg, E.*, Teppola T., Pajulo M., Davis, E.P., Nolvi, S., Kataja, E-L., Sinervä, E., Karlsson, L., Karlsson, H., Korja, R. (under review). Maternal anxiety symptoms and self-regulation capacity are associated with the predictability of the maternal care.
Irwin, J.*, Anderson, A.L.*, Peterson, G.*, Glynn, L.M., Sandman, C.A., Hicks, L.* & Davis, E.P. (under review). Maternal prenatal cortisol programs the infant hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.
Granger, S.J.,* Glynn, L.M., Sandman, C.A., Small, S.J., Keator, D.B., Baram, T.Z., Stern, H., Yassa, M.A., & Davis, E.P. (under review). Accelerated maturation of the uncinate fasciculus after early-life unpredictable patterns of maternal signals.
Howland, M.A.*, Sandman, C.A., Davis, E.P., & Glynn, L.M. (in press). Prenatal maternal psychological distress and fetal developmental trajectories: Associations with infant temperament. Developmental Psychopathology.
Peterson, G.*, Espel, E.*, Davis, E.P., Sandman, C.A., Glynn, L.M. (2020). Characterizing prenatal maternal distress with unique prenatal cortisol trajectories. Health Psychology.