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What is RadioEd?

You know that feeling when you read the news and have so many more questions? We know people like you. We are people like you. RadioEd taps into the University of Denver’s deep pool of bright brains to explore new takes on today’s top stories.

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About Us

Matt Meyer and Emma Atkinson

Hi there. We’re Matt Meyer and Emma Atkinson, the producers and hosts of RadioEd. As writers in the DU Newsroom, we’re tuned in to all the goings-on around campus­—from following research and student programs to keeping up with alumni and Denver-area news. Our job is to take the most interesting news and current events and examine it through a DU lens. Every two weeks, we’ll take a deep dive into a story with help from DU faculty and students, plus members of the Denver community. That’s right—we answer the burning questions that inquisitive minds (and open ears) just have to know. Join us on the airwaves—or on Twitter—as we investigate topical, compelling and even unusual stories and the people behind them.

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