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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

From cellular structure and function to ecosystem dynamics

  • Research and Discovery -  Undergraduate and Graduate students work side-by-side with a faculty who are committed to both teaching and scholarship.
  • Seven undergraduate majors and one specialty concentration - Biological Sciences (BS or BA), Molecular Biology (BS or BA), Ecology & Biodiversity (BS or BA) and Integrated Sciences (BA). These options reflect the diverse applications and career opportunities in the life sciences.
  • Pre-Professional tracks - Undergraduates can follow sequences of required and recommended courses to prepare them for medical, dental, nursing, physicians assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy and veterinary schools.
  • MS and PhD programs - Graduate students conduct original research in Cell & Molecular Biology or Ecology & Evolution.


  • For Current Majors (Biological Sciences, Molecular Biology, Ecology and Biodiversity, Integrated Sciences) contact your biology faculty advisor. If you do not know who your assigned biology faculty advisor is or have any other advising questions, please send an email inquiry (include your student ID number!) to [email protected].
  • For questions related to Biological Sciences Minor, a Concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience, or to declare one of the majors in Biological Sciences, please send an email inquiry (include your student ID number!) to [email protected].
  • For Pre-Health advising go to the DU Pre-Health web page.


DU Biological Sciences partners with a Swedish university to offer 5 year Bachelors + Masters program for biology majors

Assistant Professor Schuyler Van Engelenburg uses super resolution microscopy to unravel HIV- viral budding

Associate Professor Todd Blankenship uses quantitative fluorescence microscopy to epithelial cell movement

Assistant Professor Robin Tinghitella discovers rapid evolution of mating behavior in Hawaiian crickets

Seminars - WINTER QUARTER 2019

Monday, February 3rd at 4:00pm in Olin 105Cell Biology Faculty Candidate  Dr. Martin Engelke, University of Michigan – "Protein Engineering Reveals Distinct Functions of Kinesin Motors in Mammalian Cells"

Thursday, February 7th at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - Cell Biology Faculty Candidate  Dr. Tim Davies, Columbia University - "Understanding cell division in a multicellular context"

Monday, February 11th at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - Biology of Aging Candidate Dr. Melissa Birol, University of Pennsylvania - "Dynamic-liquid conformations in disease pathology and transmission"

Wednesday, February 13th at 4:00pm in Boettcher 103 - Biology of Aging Candidate Dr. Roger Bannister, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus - "RGK proteins: a link between impaired muscle excitability and atrophy in ALS"

Wednesday, February 20th at 4:00pm in Boettcher 103 - Biology of Aging Candidate Dr. Christina Camell, Yale School of Medicine - "Tissue resident macrophages drive adipose dysfunction during aging"

Monday, February 25th at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - Biology of Aging Candidate Dr.Amanda Woerman, University of California San Fransisco - "Is multiple system atrophy a prion disease?"