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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Biological Sciences

Admissions & Financial Aid

The undergraduate experience

Admissions & Financial Aid

The undergraduate experience

Undergraduate student

The biological sciences explore the diverse life forms of Earth at many levels of organization, from molecular and cellular levels to the ecology of species, populations, ecosystems and the biosphere. Specialty courses that characterize organismal biology include genetics, physiology, behavior, development and anatomy. The expertise of our faculty embrace this diversity of fields within the biological sciences. Our undergraduate programs provide a balance between breadth of exposure to the diverse disciplines of modern biology and in-depth study of selected sub-disciplines through choice of major, degree option and elective coursework.

In the first year, all majors in biological sciences take a year-long course in the foundations of modern biology (AP and IBP exemptions may apply). Other course requirements are specific to the major and degree program. Because some courses overlap between the majors, our students enjoy considerable flexibility in selecting a combination of major and degree programs that complements their academic interests and career plans.

Preparing for the future

Matt MacCarthy - successful graduate

Matt MacCarthy - Boettcher Scholar, Honors Program participant, undergraduate researcher, elected to Phi Beta Kappa and graduated with distinction.  While he was at DU, Matt was involved in community theatre and vocal music.  After DU, he entered medical school at Duke.

An undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from DU can offer preparation for graduate training and a future career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science, various allied-health professions, biotechnology, education, forensics, or environmental biology, policy or law. When combined with undergraduate research, a major in the Biological Sciences can also provide superior experience and credentials for successful application to graduate programs in the life/biomedical sciences.

Career opportunities may be enhanced further by combining majors or pursuing one of several academic tracks that earn a combined bachelor and master's degree in five years.

The undergraduate experience in Biological Sciences features

  • A dynamic and committed faculty of teacher/scholars
  • Extensive and modern teaching and research facilities
  • Encouragement and support for undergraduate research
  • Documented success in placing our graduates in leading professional and graduate schools