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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Biological Sciences

Degree Programs

Department of Biological Sciences

Degree Programs

Undergraduate study in biological sciences

Our undergraduate majors provide students with a broad foundation in both content and hands-on experience. Major areas of study include biology, molecular biology, ecology & biodiversity, and integrated sciences. A concentration in cognitive neuroscience is offered in conjunction with the Department of Psychology.

 Graduate study in biological sciences

Our graduate program offers graduate training at the Doctoral or Master's level. The graduate program involves a combination of coursework, lab or field research and a thesis (with oral thesis defense). Students begin their thesis research under the direction of a faculty member during the first year. All students are expected to publish their work in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Graduate students also have the opportunity to develop teaching skills as a graduate teaching assistant.

3+1+1 cooperative Program

The 3+1+1 program consists of 3 academic years of undergraduate study in biology at University of Denver's campus in Denver, CO followed by 2 calendar years of study in biology at the partner institution.  Students enrolled in this program will receive a Bachelor's degree from University of Denver following the 4th year of study, and a Master's Degree from the partner institution after the final year of study.