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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Biological Sciences

Molecular Biology

Undergraduate Majors

Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Molecular Biology

See detailed requirements in the undergraduate bulletin:

Summary of Required Courses for BA

  • BIOL coursework: 44 qtr hrs total
  • Chemistry Minor: 20 qtr hrs
  • Math: 8 qtr hrs (mathematics/statistics)

Summary of Required Courses for BS

  • BIOL coursework: 50 qtr hrs total
  • Chemistry Minor: 20 qtr hrs
  • Second minor selected from any other Department or program.
  • Math: 12 qtr hrs (calculus/statistics)
  • Physics: 15 qtr hrs

Additional Requirements and Notes

All undergraduate majors must satisfy Common Curriculum requirements.

ASSESSMENT - All Biology majors will participate in program assessment activities in their first year (knowledge pre-test) and in their last quarter at DU (knowledge post-test, Senior survey, and digital submission of an example of their best work in Biology).  During the BIOL experience at DU, plan to keep digital copies of your best works (could be advanced lab, research project, analysis paper, challenging exam, or other work) for self-evaluation and submission into the Assess-It system before graduation.

Advanced Placement (AP) credit for Calculus AB or Calculus BC may count toward the MATH 195 x series for either the BA or the BS according to the University approval policy (see the University of Denver Undergraduate Bulletin for details). Approval through the Department of Mathematics is required.

  • The BA degree requires the major plus ONE minor.
  • The BS degree requires the major plus TWO minors. (Chem plus one additional minor).
  • A BA-BA double major does not require a minor.
  • A BS-BS double major requires ONE minor. (Chem minor is earned by satisfying the chemistry requirement).

To declare a major or minor fill out and submit a Application to declare Major/Minor to the Registrar's Office.