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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Biological Sciences

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Phillip B. Danielson

Phil Danielson

Office: BW 221

Office Phone: (303) 871-2899

Lab Phone: (303) 871-3561

E-mail: pd[email protected]




  • 1996 Ph.D., Biology - University of Denver - Denver, CO
  • 1983 B.S., Biology - Metropolitan State College of Denver - Denver, CO

Research Interests

Research interests center on molecular and forensic genetics. A major focus of the Danielson laboratory is the development of advanced technologies to separate DNA mixtures in forensic samples. This can provide potentially probative evidence by enabling the characterization of individual contributors to a mixture such as in sexual assaults. Additional forensic projects are aimed at aiding criminal and mass disaster investigations by facilitating the use of mitochondrial DNA to identify charred or severely decomposed human remains. The Danielson laboratory is also interested in the interface between molecular neuroendocrinology and the molecular evolution of multi-gene superfamilies. Current projects in this area focus on the opioid/orphanin family of neuropeptide hormone precursors and the molecular regulation of the HPA axis as it relates to the post-spawning demise of Pacific Salmon.

Research in Danielson's lab

Graduate student Richard Kristinsson works with Professor Danielson to separate complex DNA mixtures using denaturing HPLC. This work, which is funded by the National Institute of Justice, will aid investigations of crimes, missing persons and mass disasters.

Techniques employed in the Danielson laboratory include recombinant DNA technology, denaturing HPLC, forensic DNA profiling, quantitative real-time PCR, MALDI-TOF and ESI mass spectroscopy and high-throughput robotics. Funded by NIJ Grant 2003-IJ-CX-K104 - Mitochondrial DNA Analysis by Denaturing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography for the Characterization and Separation of Mixtures in Forensic Samples, NIH grant 1 R15 DK060557-01 - Molecular Genetics of the HPA(I) Axis and by NSF grant IBN-9810516 - Opioid-Coding Genes: Evolution in Lungfish and Amphibians.

Link to Danielson's publications through PubMed.