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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Faculty Research

Ecology, biodiversity & evolution

  • conservation genetics, systematics and transposable elements (Quinn - Rocky Mountain Center for Conservation Genetics & Systematics)
  • ecology of invasive species (Sher)
  • ecology and evolution of interactions between plants and herbivores. (Murphy
  • molecular foundations of early animal evolution (Nichols)
  • behavioral and evolutionary ecology (Tinghitella)
  • sexual selection and speciation (Larson)
  • forest ecology (Martin)

Cell and molecular biology

  • cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuropeptide secretion (Angleson, Asensio)
  • control of synaptic plasticity during development (Barbee)
  • membrane trafficking and generation of cell surface polarities that guide cellular morphogenesis (Blankenship)
  • molecular evolution of melanocortin receptors and their accessory proteins, MRAP1 and MRAP2 (Dores)
  • forensic genetics (Danielson)
  • neurobiology of sensory systems (Kinnamon)
  • vascular function in development and disease (Kushner)
  • neuronal cell death and degenerative diseases (Fogleman, Linseman - Eleanor Roosevelt Institute)
  • biochemical genetics of Downs syndrome, Alzheimer disease, and autism (Patterson - Eleanor Roosevelt Institute)
  • zinc dynamics in living cells and organisms (Qin)
  • virus assembly and membrane remodeling (VanEngelenburg)