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Division Of Natural Sciences & MathematicsMolecular and Cellular Biophysics Program

Molecular and Cellular Biophysics

Courses and Curriculum

Advising and Administration

The administrative and advising infrastructure is described in the following.


Current steering committee members are Todd Blankenship, Kingshuk Ghosh, Michelle Knowles, Schuyler van Engelenburg, Martin Margittai and Dinah Loerke.


The interdisciplinary nature of this discipline requires critical advising to students from the time of acceptance. First year students will come from a variety of undergraduate degree programs. As such, students will have very different strengths as well as areas with which they are not as familiar. During the student’s first year, the steering committee will serve as the advisory committee. This ensures input to the student from all disciplines. The committee will work with the student to identify areas of study to focus and work on elective courses. This is intended to help them identify areas in which their undergraduate education was lacking. At the beginning of the summer session of their first year (preferably beginning of spring quarter in their first year) the student will have identified a major thesis advisor in whose lab the student will conduct his/her dissertation research. At this time, a thesis committee is required to be formed by the student and the advisor. The committee, with at least four members, will consist of the advisor and must have representation from at least two of the three departments.