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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Geography & the Environment

Degree Programs

Geography & the Environment

Course Work

The general requirements for the Master of Arts (MA) degree are contained within the University of Denver Graduate Bulletin. You should obtain a copy of this and refer to it periodically.

The general course requirements for the MA in Geography are summarized as follows:

  • A minimum of 45 quarter hours is required.
  • At least 33 quarter hours must be in courses taken within the Department of Geography.
  • No more than 10 quarter hours will be accepted in transfer from another institution. Any transfer of credits from other institutions has to be requested during the first quarter of attendance.

Academic Performance

Only courses with a grade of "B" or better may be counted towards the degree. If a grade of 'B' or better is not attained in a course, the student must re-register and re-take the course (with a grade of "B" or better earned). If the course is not a required course, the student may substitute with another course rather than retaking the same course. A grade of B- does not meet the University criteria of "B" or better. Should a student's grade point average fall below 3.00, the student is placed on academic probation and continuation in the program is subject to department review and possible termination.

If a student receives a grade of less than a B in two or more courses, they will be automatically terminated from the program. (B- is less than B)

Required Courses

  • GEOG 4000: Fundamental Geographic Perspectives [4 hrs]
  • GEOG 4020: Geographic Research Methods [4 hrs]
  • GEOG 3000: Advanced Geographic Statistics [4 hrs]
  • GEOG 4900: Graduate Colloquium [0 hrs]
  • A maximum of 5 quarter hours may be counted toward the degree for GEOG 4995 (Independent Research). This course can be taken any time after GEOG 4020 has been completed with a research proposal approved, and represents credit hours taken to complete the thesis.
  • Topical Geography Courses: Each of these courses must be at least 4 quarter hours: 1 Human, 1 Physical, 1 Geographic Information Science. Additional transfer, departmental, and other university courses to reach total 45 hrs.
  • Completion of an acceptable proposal and thesis.
  • Note: These requirements are minimums and will be exceeded in cases where inadequate background or unsatisfactory performance exists. In any case, the degree must be completed no later than five years from the time a student has started the master's program. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GRANTED BY THE GEOGRAPHY DEPARTMENT.