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Do I need to take the Graduate Records Examination (GRE)?
If you intend to apply to the online program and have earned an undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or better AND you earn a GPA of 3.5 or better in the University of Denver GIS Certificate Program, the GRE requirement will be waived. Students in the on-campus program are not eligible to waive the GRE requirement.
What if my undergraduate GPA is below a 3.0?
If you have taken the GRE and obtain a 300 or better combined score of the Qualitative and Verbal sections, AND your earn a 3.5 GPA or better in the University of Denver GIS Certificate program, the undergraduate GPA requirement will be waived.
What is the minimum GRE score I need to be admitted?
Students should score a combined Quantitative and Verbal section minimum score of 300 or better.
What University of Denver's GIS certificate program classes transfer to the online MSGISc degree?
All of your certificate program classes should transfer (up to 24 credit hours), however, if you took GIS 4101 - Introduction to GIS, or GIS 4110 - Introduction to GIS Statistics, those classes do not transfer toward the MSGISc degree requirement, they merely fulfill the GIS prerequisite for admission.
I earned the GIS certificate when courses were three credit hours. Will they transfer to the online MSGISc program?
Yes, your three-credit hour classes will transfer to the online MSGISc program. You may transfer up to 24 University of Denver GIS Certificate Program credit-hours to the online MSGISc degree.
How many credit hours may I transfer from another university GIS program?
You may transfer up to 10 GIS credit hours from another regionally accredited university GIS program to the online MSGISc program. If you are also transferring from University College GIS Certificate Program, the two transfers should add 24 credit-hours.
What is the difference between classes with a GIS prefix and classes with a GEOG prefix?
GIS prefix classes are offered in the GIS Certificate Program in University College at the University of Denver. GEOG classes are offered in the Department of Geography & the Environment at the University of Denver. 
Can I transfer non-GIS classes from another university to the online MSGISc program?
How can I fulfill the statistics prerequisite for the online MSGISc program?
In the online MSGISc program you will take an advanced statistics course. How you prepare for that course is up to you. You can take any undergraduate-level statistics course anywhere you would like and that should prepare you. Perhaps you took an undergraduate statistics class for your undergraduate degree already. If not, you can take a statistics class at a community college. You could take an online statistics class. Now we have an online statistics class for the GIS Certificate Program, GIS 4110, that counts towards the certificate degree, but only fulfills the graduate degree prerequisite.
Do I have to complete the University College GIS certificate program before applying to the MSGISc online program?
Yes, most students should first complete the GIS certificate program and then apply to the online Master's program. In the MSGISc online program, most electives and one required course (Remote Sensing) are only offered through the certificate program.  Additionally, there are other admissions benefits (see FAQ on "Do I need to take the GRE?") in completing the certificate program first.