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Geography & the Environment

Transfer of Certificate credits to MS-GISc

You may start in the GIS Certificate program at the University of Denver offered by the University College, and then apply to the MS-GISc.

The certificate in GIS credits can be transferred to the Master of Science in Geographic Information Science (MS-GISc).

Credit transfer details

  • Courses not listed here transfer one credit for one credit from the Certificate program into MS-GISc. Courses usually transfer as electives.
  • At least 24-quarter hours must be in courses taken within the Department of Geography & the Environment.
  • No more than 10-quarter hours will be accepted in transfer from another institution.
  • No more than 24-quarter hours will be accepted in transfer from the University College GIS Certificate Program.
  • If transferring from another institution and University College GIS Certificate Program, only 24- credit hours will transferred as a combination of the two institutions.

Credit transfer from University College - the following courses transfer towards the MSGIS requirements:

  • If taken GIS 4700 Remote Sensing, 4.0 hrs, this will transfer towards the GEOG 3200 Remote Sensing requirement
  • Other GIS Certificate courses will only transfer as Electives