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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Geography & the Environment

Degree Programs

Minor in Geographic Information Science

The GISc minor consists of 20 qtr hrs of coursework.

  • Required courses

GEOG 2100 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (Winter/Spring/Summer)
GEOG 3200 Remote Sensing (Fall/Spring)

  • Electives: 

 In addition to the required courses, the following courses are offered every year: 

GEOG 2000 Geographic Statistics (Fall/Spring)
GEOG 2010 Digital Earth (Winter)
GEOG 2020 Computer Cartography (Fall/Winter)
GEOG 3000 Advanced Geographic Statistics (Spring)
GEOG 3010 Geographic Information Analysis (Spring)
GEOG 3130 Advanced Geographic Information Systems (Winter)
GEOG 3140 GIS Database Design (Fall)
GEOG 3150 Project Management (Fall)
GEOG 3230 Advanced Remote Sensing (Winter)

The following courses are offered every other year: 

GEOG 3110 GIS Modeling
GEOG 3470 GIS and Environmental Health Geography
GEOG 3701 Topics in Geographic Information Science
GEOG 3860 GIS Application in Natural Resources
GEOG 3920 Remote Sensing Seminar

  • Prerequisites

Students are expected to have completed the Analytical Inquiry-Natural Science requirement (e.g., MATH 1500, MATH 1200, MATH 1951, PHIL 2040) or equivalent prior to enrolling in GEOG 2000. 

Completion of an introductory course in geography such as GEOG 1410: People, Places, Landscapes, GEOG 1201-1203: Environmental Systems, or GEOG 1216-1218: Our Dynamic Earth is encouraged but not required.

Note: As geography majors may emphasize GISc as part of their degree program, they are not eligible to complete the minor in GISc.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jing Li at