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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Geography & the Environment

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      E. Eric Boschmann

      Associate Professor
      Email: [email protected]

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2008 PhD, Geography, The Ohio State University
2001 MATS, Ethics and Theology, AMBS, IN
1996 BA, History/Social Sciences, Wheaton College, IL


My research focuses on the following areas of interest: job accessibility of the working poor, the mobility of older adults, urban sustainability, and the study of Denver as urban place.

My primary research focus is in the area of job accessibility: understanding where people live, where they work, and the social and spatial dynamics of the intra-metropolitan journey-to-work process. I adopt a critical perspective to reveal new understandings of job accessibility through local scale analyses and mixed methods approaches. Recently I have begun a similar, but new line of research that examines the travel and mobility behaviors of older adults, particularly in the Denver metropolitan area.

Much of my work has been driven by a desire for explicit social relevance, which I sometimes manifest through the urban sustainability rubric. Primarily my work has been concerned with social equity dimensions of urban transportation. For instance, my job accessibility research has always focused upon the working poor, who arguably are the most vulnerable to inadequate transportation in traversing the home-work link. More recently, I have also explored how urban form affects the travel behaviors of working commuters and older adults. Along different lines, I have also written about critiques of green building assessments systems in the context of urban approaches to sustainability.

Finally, I am engaged in an on-going writing project on Denver as urban place – essentially exploring how Denver today evolved socially, politically, economically, and geographically.