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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Geography & the Environment

Faculty & Staff
  • Hazen

       Helen Hazen

        Teaching Associate Professor
        Phone: 303-871-2672
        E-mail: [email protected]




2006 PhD, Geography, University of Minnesota—Twin Cities
2000 MA, Geography, University of Minnesota—Twin Cities
1996 BA, Geography, University of Oxford, England

Research Interests

Environmental influences on human health; environmental conservation, international students

My research interests focus on human-environment interactions. I have developed two main themes within this area. First, I am interested in ways in which the physical and social environment influence human health, and have undertaken projects on dengue fever and home birth within this area. Second, I am interested in environmental conservation and the ways in which people interact with the natural environment. Within this area I have studied dynamite fishing in Borneo, the role of the World Heritage Convention in protecting natural areas in the US, and biases in how well different ecological regions are protected by protected areas. As an international scholar, I have also worked on issues related to international students.

My teaching focus also lies at the intersection of the physical and human realms. I currently teach 'Our Dynamic Earth' (an introduction to physical geography and natural hazards) and 'People, Places, and Landscapes' (an introduction to human geography). I have also recently taught Geography of Health, Population Geography, Regional Geography of Latin America, and Regional Geography of Oceania.