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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Geography & the Environment

Near Space Program - Launches

November 1, 2013

Pioneer Mission 1

Launch objectives

Collect footage and flight data (location, temperature, atmospheric pressure, moisture). Ground Wind Velocity as of 7.30am (11/1/2013) -> NNW at 13 mph. Jet stream velocity NNW at 50mph (35m) -> Landing Area 48 miles SE of campus


  • Launch: Malia Bacig, Logan Bohlender, Joon Hyun, Katherine Roselius, Caitlin Wootton
  • Recovery: Sam Bloomfield, James Brady, Christian Nielsen, Cody Simmons, Ashlyn Stewart
  • Analysis: Abreana Bardosas, Wyatt Forman, Roderick O’Dorisio, Betsy Sava
  • GTAs: Taylor Hafley, Diego Pons
  • Team Leader: Dr. Erika Trigoso


Balloon Launch Balloon Launch Balloon Launch Recovery Recovery