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Geography & the Environment

Recent publications by DU faculty and students



Eric Boschmann

Boschmann, E., & Cubbon, E. (2014). Sketch maps and qualitative GIS: Using cartographies of individual spatial narratives in geographic research. The Professional Geographer, 66(2), 236-248.

Boschmann, E., & Brady, S. (2013). Travel behaviors, sustainable mobility, and transit-oriented developments: A travel counts analysis of older adults in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. Journal of Transport Geography, 33, 1-11.


J. Michael Daniels

Geiger, S., Daniels, J. M., Miller, S. N., & Nicholas, J. (2014). Hydrologic influence of rock glaciers in the La Sal Mountains, Utah. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, 46(3), 645-658.

Ryan, S., Bishop, E., & Daniels, J. M. (2014). Influence of large wood on channel morphology and sediment storage in headwater mountain streams, Fraser Experimental Forest, Colorado. Geomorphology, 217, 73-88.


Russell Fielding

Fielding, R. T. (2014). "The Good Garbage": Waste to Water in the Small Island Environment of St. Barthélemy. Focus on Geography, 57(1), 1-13.


Andrew Goetz

Jonas, A. E., Goetz, A. R., & Bhattacharjee, S. (2014). City-regionalism as a Politics of Collective Provision: Regional Transport Infrastructure in Denver, USA. Urban Studies, 51(11), 2444-2456.

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Jing Li

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Li, J., Jiang, Y., Yang, C., & Huang, Q. (2014). Utilizing CUDA-Enabled GPUs to Support 5D Scientific Geovisualization: A Case Study of Simulating Dust Storm Events. In Xuan Shi, Chaowei Yang, & Volodymyr Kindratenko (Eds.), Modern Accelerating Technologies for GIScience. (pp. 69-82). Springer.


Rebecca Powell

Lutz, D.A., Powell, R.L., Silman, M.R. 2013. Four decades of Andean timberline migration and implications for biodiversity loss with climate change. PLoS ONE 8(9): e74496. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0074496.


Paul Sutton

Robert Costanza, Rudolf de Groot, Paul Sutton, Sander van der Ploeg, Sharolyn J. Anderson, Ida Kubiszewski, Stephen Farber, R. Kerry Turner, Changes in the global value of ecosystem services, Global Environmental Change, Volume 26, May 2014, Pages 152-158, ISSN 0959-3780,

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Luca Coscieme, Federico M. Pulselli, Nadia Marchettini, Paul C. Sutton, Sharolyn Anderson, Sharlynn Sweeney, Energy and ecosystem services: A national biogeographical assessment, Ecosystem Services, Volume 7, March 2014, Pages 152-159, ISSN 2212-0416,


Matthew Taylor

Alvarado, N., & Taylor, M. J. (2014). ¿Del mar quién es dueño? Artisanal Fisheries, Tourism Development and the Struggles Over Access To Marine Resources in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua. Journal of Latin American Geography, 13(3), 37-62.

Steinberg, M. K., Taylor, M. J., & Moran-Taylor, M. J. (2014). Coffee and Mayan Cultural Commodification in Guatemala. The Geographical Review, 104(3), 361-373.

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