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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Geography & the Environment

Degree Programs

Geography & the Environment

Research Labs

The Department of Geography currently has the following research and specialized laboratories:
Climatology Lab

Weather Information for DU The Geography Department's Climatology Laboratory weather server provides access to real-time meteorological data via a data feed from Unidata at UCAR. Additional weather data are available here.

Remote Sensing Research Lab

Secure lab space includes computers running state-of-the-art image processing software, including ERDAS Imagine and ENVI.  ESRI GIS software is also available.  The lab also houses an Analytical Spectral Devices FieldSpec 3 portable sprectroradiometer to collect solar spectral reflectance, radiance, and irradiance measurements across a wide spectral range. 

Geographic Positioning System (GPS) Lab

Secure lab space is dedicated to housing the department's extensive GPS equipment collection.  Mapping and recreation GPS receivers are available including Trimble GeoXT?s and Junos as well as a variety of Garmin handheld devices.   Terrasync, Pathfinder Office and ArcPad are just some of the GPS-related software applications available. The GPS lab is also the home to the Community Base Station providing 24-7 location data for differential correction along the Front Range of Colorado and beyond.

Instructional Labs

The department has two smart-to-the-seat and front instructional labs, 14-seat and 20-seat.  The department also has a smart-to-the-front, 24-seat laptop lab.  All installed with latest software in geography technology.

Pollen Analysis Lab

This lab specializes in pollen analyzes of sediment cores.

Soils and Sediment Analysis Lab

This lab is a USDA-approved laboratory that performs the following analyses: particle size distribution, organic matter content, CaCO3 percentage, bulk density, pH/eH, soil color.  The laboratory contains the following equipment: laser-diffraction particle size analyzer, sonic sifter, Ro-tap sieve shaker, muffle furnace, drying ovens, incubator, centrifuges, pH/eH meter, spectrophotomoter, and balances.