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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics

Degree Programs


Degree Programs

Mathematics is a fundamental tool for the modern world. Mathematical analysis and modeling assist in weather forecasting and earthquake prediction, in the design of aircraft and electronic devices, in the development of secret codes for the secure transmission of information and in financial analysis and economic forecasting.

The program in mathematics at DU prepares you for the many opportunities in these fields. Our students move on to careers in high-tech industries, the aerospace industry, the information management world, teaching and more. Some students may choose to pursue graduate work in mathematics, computer science or other fields.

The Department of Mathematics offers the following degrees:

  • BA - Bachelor of arts
  • BA - Bachelor of arts with concentration in finance
  • BS - Bachelor of science
  • MA - Master of arts
  • MS - Master of science
  • PhD - Doctor of philosophy
  • Minor in mathematics

The BS and BA in Mathematics provide a strong foundation in mathematics with a particular emphasis on the development of logical and analytical problem-solving skills. This major is often combined with a major or minor in an application area such as natural sciences, computer science, or business. Career opportunities include mathematical analyst, scientific applications programmer, programmer analyst, actuary, and teacher. For more information on careers available to math majors, see the page Why major in math?

Our MA, MS, and PhD programs afford a personalized, rewarding educational atmosphere, and exceptionally productive research environment. We conduct research in algebraic logic, combinatorics, computational geometry, dynamical systems, functional analysis, nonassociative algebra, ordered structures, quantum structures, and set theory.

To apply to our programs, visit Admissions & Financial Aid.

More information on courses and advising can be found in Courses & Advising.