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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics

Degree Programs

Degree Programs

Master of Science

Degree Requirements

Coursework Requirements

This degree requires completion of 45 credits of graduate-level MATH courses, including at least 12 credits of approved MATH courses at the 4000 level.

Students who matriculated in AY2015/16 or later are required to pass both of the sequences MATH 3161, MATH 4165, MATH 4110 and MATH 3170, MATH 4166, MATH 4176.

Up to 15 credits may be in an approved cognate area. At most 10 credits from another university may count toward the degree, and such credits must be approved in writing by an advisor from the Mathematics faculty.

Non-coursework Requirements

Demonstrated competency in a tool is required and may be chosen from among the following:

  • proficiency in the use of a modern computing typesetting system,
  • approved outside courses,
  • laboratory experience,
  • reading competency in French, German or Russian.

Students who matriculated in AY2015/16 are required to give an oral presentation in mathematics. This will typically occur after the completion of at least 24 credits of coursework, and should be scheduled after approval from a Mathematics faculty advisor.

No thesis is required.

Questions regarding graduate admissions should be sent to the Graduate Coordinator, Prof. Paul Horn.