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Recent Postdoctoral Scholars

The postdoctoral program started in Fall 2012 and became an important part of the department, both in research and teaching.

Below is a complete list of all postdoctoral scholars that participated in the program, in reversed chronological order. Whenever we know it, we give their first affiliation after moving on from the University of Denver.

Postdoctoral scholars

  • Katherine Perry (9/2017- )
    PhD 2017 (Auburn University)
    Research interest: combinatorics, graph theory, design theory

  • Seung Yeop Yang (9/2017- )
    PhD 2017 (George Washington University)
    Research interest: low-dimensional topology, algebraic topology related to knot theory, knotted surfaces in 4-space, graph theory.

  • Daniel Hathaway (9/2015-6/2018)
    PhD 2015 (University of Michigan)
    Assistant Professor, University of Vermont
    Research interest: Set theory, cardinal characteristics, descriptive set theory, forcing.

  • Aysel Erey (9/2015-6/2017)
    PhD 2015 (Dalhousie University, Canada)
    Research interest: Combinatorics and graph theory, graph polynomials and their roots.

  • Izabella Stuhl (9/2014-6/2017 )
    PhD 2010 (University of Debrecen, Hungary)
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Penn State University
    Research interest: Non-associative algebraic structures and applications.

  • Lori Alvin (9/2013-6/2015)
    PhD 2011 (Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
    Assistant Professor, Bradley University
    Research interest: dynamical systems, topological dynamics, symbolic dynamics.

  • Jose G. Mijares (9/2013-6/2015)
    PhD 2007 (Central University of Venezuela)
    Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Denver
    Research interest: Set theory, Ramsey theory, topological dynamics, combinatorics, functional analysis.

  • Zhe Liu (9/2012-6/2013)
    PhD 2010 (University of New Hampshire)
    Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida
    Research interest: Functional analysis, operator algebras, unbounded operators, mathematical physics.