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Archive Photos of John Greene Hall

Each picture is stored in two sizes: medium (for viewing on a screen) and large (for printing).

The photographs

John Greene Hall in the 1950s when it was still only two stories. Note the vintage automobiles that reflect the timeframe. medium   large
Another view of John Greene Hall in the 1950s. medium   large
Dedication of Conrad Hall. Conrad Hall, which is no longer here, was named in honor of Ralph Conrad. Conrad was killed in the same tragic rafting accident on the South Platte River that took the life of Dr. John Greene. medium   large
Gathering for the dedication of John Greene Hall in 1958. medium   large
Cutting the Ribbon. The gentleman in the center of the group of three in the foreground is Chester Alter who was chancellor at DU from 1953 to 1966. medium   large
Another photo from the dedication of John Greene Hall. medium   large
And still another photo from the dedication. medium   large
Speaking at the dedication is Robert Selig, president of the Board of Trustees in 1958. medium   large
An architect's rendering of John Greene Hall with the planned addition of a third story. medium   large
The third story of John Greene Hall under construction. medium   large
Another view of John Greene Hall while it was still two stories. medium   large
John Greene Hall in more recent times. medium   large