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This is a list of recent and future talks at all faculty-organized seminars currently running at the department. Click on the provided links to see older talks.

You might also be interested in the student-only seminar organized by our graduate students and the monthly Math Club for undergraduate students.

Algebra & logic seminar (Knudson 101, F 9-10a, A. Linshaw)

May 18 Petr Vojtechovsky
Enumeration of racks and quandles up to isomorphism
Mar 9 Wesley Fussner
Duality and functonality
Feb 2 Sara Ugolini (University of Pisa, Italy)
Generalized rotations of residuated lattices: a duality-theoretic perspective
Nov 17 Damiano Fulghesu (Minnesota State University)
Families of Plane Curves
Oct 20,27, Nov 3,10 Rick Ball
What pointfree topology has to say about the Baire functions I-IV
Oct 13 (10pm) Robert McRae (Vanderbilt University)
On braided tensor categories associated to sl_2
Sep 22 Dan Hathaway
Ramsey theory on generalized Baire space
Sep 15 Dan Hathaway
Disjoint infinity-Borel functions

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Analysis & dynamics seminar (Knudson 201, F 10-11a, M. Yin)

May 4 Dan Graybill
A brief introduction to juggling patterns (Siteswaps) and discussion of future research potentials
April 27 Evan Chang (University of Colorado Boulder)
Cooperative Program Analysis
Apr 6 Nic Ormes
Symbolic systems of linear complexity
Feb 23, Mar 2 Frank Schroeck
Quantum Mechanics on Phase Space and What It is Good For
Feb 16 Troy Butler (UC Denver)
Consistent Inversion of Uncertain Data for Models of Storm Surge, Subsurface Contaminant Transport, and Cooking Steaks
Nov 10 Dana Bartosova (Carnegie Mellon University)
Oct 6 Anton Dzhamay (University of Northern Colorado)
Painlevé Equations and the Isomonodromy

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Graduate colloquium (Location TBA, F 2-3p, P. Horn)

The colloquium is intended for student reports concerning their current research, and for faculty and visitors' lectures on introductory topics. The colloquium is regularly followed by a tea.

May 25 Vitaly Bergelson (Ohio State University)
Uniform distribution, generalized polynomials and the theory of multiple recurrence
May 18 Libby Varberg
Journey to become an ASA (Associate of the Society of Actuaries)
May 4 Allegra Reiber
Mathematical Identity and Teaching for Inclusion in Mathematics
Apr 20 Jane Breen (University of Manitoba, Canada)
Kemeny’s constant and random walks on graphs
Apr 13 Dr. Andrew Brooke-Taylor (University of Leeds, UK)
Products of CW complexes: the full story
Apr 6 Alvaro Arias
The Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma
Mar 30 Felipe Garcia-Ramos (CONACyT and the Autonomous University in San Luis Potosi, Mexico)
Entropy in dynamical systems
Jan 19 Kat Perry
Throttling for Cops and Robbers
Nov 17 Jozef H. Przytycki (George Washington University)
Knot Theory from Fox 3-colorings to Yang-Baxter homology
Nov 10 Mike Ferrara (UC-Denver)
Edge-Colored Saturation Problems
Nov 3 Paul Horn
An interconnected world: The challenges and mathematics of large networks
Oct 13 Matthew Russell (Rutgers University)
Fantastic identities, and where to find them
Oct 6 Geraldo Soares de Souza (Auburn University)

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