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This is a list of recent and future talks at all faculty-organized seminars currently running at the department. Click on the provided links to see older talks.

You might also be interested in the student-only seminar organized by our graduate students and the monthly Math Club for undergraduate students.

Algebra & logic seminar (Knudson 101, F 9-10a, A. Linshaw)

Feb 2 Sara Ugolini (University of Pisa, Italy)
Generalized rotations of residuated lattices: a duality-theoretic perspective
Nov 17 Damiano Fulghesu (Minnesota State University)
Families of Plane Curves
Oct 20,27, Nov 3,10 Rick Ball
What pointfree topology has to say about the Baire functions I-IV
Oct 13 (10pm) Robert McRae (Vanderbilt University)
On braided tensor categories associated to sl_2
Sep 22 Dan Hathaway
Ramsey theory on generalized Baire space
Sep 15 Dan Hathaway
Disjoint infinity-Borel functions

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Analysis & dynamics seminar (Knudson 201, F 10-11a, M. Yin)

Nov 10 Dana Bartosova (Carnegie Mellon University)
Oct 6 Anton Dzhamay (University of Northern Colorado)
Painlevé Equations and the Isomonodromy

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Graduate colloquium (Location TBA, F 2-3p, P. Horn)

The colloquium is intended for student reports concerning their current research, and for faculty and visitors' lectures on introductory topics. The colloquium is regularly followed by a tea.

Jan 19 Kat Perry
Throttling for Cops and Robbers
Nov 17 Jozef H. Przytycki (George Washington University)
Knot Theory from Fox 3-colorings to Yang-Baxter homology
Nov 10 Mike Ferrara (UC-Denver)
Edge-Colored Saturation Problems
Nov 3 Paul Horn
An interconnected world: The challenges and mathematics of large networks
Oct 13 Matthew Russell (Rutgers University)
Fantastic identities, and where to find them
Oct 6 Geraldo Soares de Souza (Auburn University)

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