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Algebra & Logic Seminar

List of previous talks at the Algebra & Logic Seminar:


May 18 Petr Vojtechovsky
Enumeration of racks and quandles up to isomorphism
Mar 9 Wesley Fussner
Duality and functonality
Feb 2 Sara Ugolini (University of Pisa, Italy)
Generalized rotations of residuated lattices: a duality-theoretic perspective
Nov 17 Damiano Fulghesu (Minnesota State University)
Families of Plane Curves
Oct 20,27, Nov 3,10 Rick Ball
What pointfree topology has to say about the Baire functions I-IV
Oct 13 (10pm) Robert McRae (Vanderbilt University)
On braided tensor categories associated to sl_2
Sep 22 Dan Hathaway
Ramsey theory on generalized Baire space
Sep 15 Dan Hathaway
Disjoint infinity-Borel functions


May 5 Pedram Hekmati (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro and University of Auckland)
K-theory and the Fourier-Mukai transform
Apr 14 Wesley Fussner
Restoring Kalman involution
Feb 17 Alexandre Grichkov (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Quasivarieties of loops and Moufang's Theorem
Feb 10 Kazuya Kawasetsu (Academia Sinica, Taipei)
Quasi-lisse vertex algebras and modular linear differential equations
Jan 13 Jordan Watts (CU Boulder)
Quotients of Lie Group Actions
Nov 11 Masoumah Al-Ali
Vertex Algebras and the Z_2-orbifold of the W_3-algebra
Nov 4 Michael Lau (Universite Laval)
Affine Lie algebras, current algebras, and representations
Sep 16 Dan Hathaway
The Halpern-Lauchli Theorem at a Measurable Cardinal


May 27 Shashank Kanade (University of Alberta)
On a Koszul complex related to the principal subspace of the level 1 vacuum module of A1 (1)
May 20 Rick Ball
Truncated divisible abelian l-groups
May 13 Jonas Hartwig (Iowa State University)
Noncommutative singularities and vertex models
Apr 29 Amanda Schaeffer Fry (MSU Denver)
Maximal Subgroups and Irreducible Restrictions Problem
Apr 22 Frank Schroeck
The Conserved Current
Apr 15 Natasha Dobrinen
Spectra of Tukey types of ultrafilters on Boolean algebras
Apr 1, 8 Marco Bonatto (University of Ferrara, Italy)
Quandle coverings and non-abelian cohomology I-II
Feb 5 Petr Vojtechovsky
Classification of Bol loops and Bruck loops of order pq (3/3)
Jan 29 Michael Kinyon
Classification of Bol loops and Bruck loops of order pq (2/3)
Jan 22 Petr Vojtechovsky
Classification of Bol loops and Bruck loops of order pq (1/3)
Nov 6 Jinwei Yang (University of Notre Dame)
Vertex algebras associated to abelian current Lie algebras
Oct 9 Dan Hathaway
Distributive Laws for Boolean Algebras


May 22 Jose Mijares
Topological Ramsey spaces and metrically Baire sets
May 15 Riquelmi Cardona
The FEP for some noncommutative varieties of fully distributive knotted residuated lattices
May 8 Mouna Aboras
Dihedral-like constructions of automorphic loops
May 1 Nick Galtos
Densification via polynomials
Apr 24 Wesley Fussner
Twist Products and Some Adjunctions of Categories of Residuated Lattices
Apr 10 Fedor Malikov (University of Southern California)
Algebras of chiral differential operators in the language of Beilinson and Drinfeld
Apr 3 Amanda Schaeffer Fry (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
Local-Global Conjectures, Character Tables, and Self-Normalizing Sylow Subgroups
Feb 27 Gabor Nagy (University of Szeged)
Finite k-Nets in Projective Planes
Feb 20 Izabella Stuhl
Steiner Loops
Feb 6 Andy Linshaw
T-duality and the twisted chiral de Rham complex
Jan 23 Rick Ball
Pointfree Pointwise Suprema in Unital Archimedean l-Groups
Jan 16 Pedram Hekmati (University of Adelaide)
Categorified Fock Representations
Nov 14 Christopher Sadowski (Ursinus College)
Representations of affine Lie algebras and integer partitions
Nov 7 Michael Penn (Colorado College)
Lattice Vertex Algebras and Principle Subspaces
Oct 31 Ian Wanless (Monash University)
Matching polynomials and tree-like walks in regular graphs
Oct 17 Rick Ball
The epimorphism game for completely regular frames
Oct 10 Michael Kinyon
Torsors and ternary Moufang loops


May 23 Andrew Misseldine (Brigham Young)
Primitive Idempotents of Schur Rings
May 16 Lajos Molnar (Debrecen)
On an operation on the positive definite cone of a $C^*$-algebra
May 2, Apr 25 Konrad Aguilar
* Hopf Algebras I, II
Apr 11 Michael Kinyon
Characterizing classes of semigroups by forbidden subsemigroups
Apr 4 Michael Kinyon
Abundant, amiable, adequate, ample and other types of semigroups starting with “a”
Mar 28 Michael Kinyon
Introduction to regular and inverse semigroups
Feb 14, 21, 28 Rick Ball
Unital Hyperarchimedean Vector Lattices I-III
Jan 24, 31, Feb 7 Andy Linshaw
Introduction to vertex algebras I-III
Oct 18, Nov 1 Nick Galatos
Proof theory for lattice-ordered groups I,II
Oct 4, 11 Petr Vojtechovsky
Transitive groups with a view toward quandles I-II
Sep 27 Michael Kinyon
Loops, Commutators and Associators


May 10, 17 Riquelmi Cardona Fuentes
* The finite embeddability property for some noncommutative knotted extensions of RL I, II
May 3 Nick Galatos
The finite embeddability property for integral residuated lattices
Apr 19, 26 Tim Trujillo
* A new Ramsey classification theorem with an application to the Tukey theory of ultrafilters I, II
Apr 12 Mouna Aboras
* Dihedral-like automorphic loops
Apr 5 Jonathan D. H. Smith (Iowa State)
Sylow theory for quasigroups II: Burnside orders
Mar 29 Jonathan D. H. Smith (Iowa State)
Sylow theory for quasigroups I: non-overlapping orbits
Nov 9 Ales Drapal (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
Cyclic extensions of Moufang loops
Nov 9 Florian Sobieczky
Ergodic equivalence relations, invariant measures and random trees
Oct 19, 26
Nov 2
John Griesmer
Ultrafilters, semigroups, and Ramsey Theory I-III
Oct 5, 12 Rick Ball
The sheaf representation of a truncated l-group I, II
Nov 9 Petr Vojtechovsky
Commutator theory for loops I, II


Jun 1 David Stanovsky
May 29 Tomas Kepka (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
Constructions of semigroups and semirings
May 25 David Stanovsky
Left-distributive groupoids
May 17 Libor Barto (McMaster University, Canada and Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
Robust algorithms for CSPs
Apr 27 Rick Ball
Truncated and diminished lattice-ordered groups
Apr 6, 13, 20 Nick Galatos
Beth definability via a categorical equivalence I-III
Mar 2 David Stanovsky (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
Nilpotent and solvable algebras
Feb 17, 24 David Stanovsky (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
Abelian algebras
Jan 20, Feb 10 David Stanovsky (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
Algebra and Constraint Satisfaction
Jan 13 David Stanovsky (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
Modern universal algebra
Jan 6 Petr Vojtechovsky
Computational aspects of loop theory
Dec 16 Alexander Grishkov (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Nilpotent Moufang loops
Nov 11-18 Dylene Barros (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Commutative automorphic loops of order p^3
Nov 4 Michael Kinyon
Torsors and semitorsors
Oct 14 Petr Vojtechovsky
Geometric loop constructions
Sep 23 Nick Galatos


Apr-May Michael Kinyon
Semigroups I-III
Jan-Apr Rick Ball
Birkhoff's theorem from a categorical perspective I-VI
Oct 29 Mark Greer
* Constructions of dissociative loops
Oct 29 Jenya Kirshtein
* Automorphism groups of Cayley-Dickson loops
Oct 22 Kyle Pula
* Combinatorial Nullstellensatz and transversals in latin squares
Oct 15 Natasha Dobrinen
Some structure theorems in the Tukey types of ultrafilters
Oct 8 Natasha Dobrinen
Introduction to ultrafilters, the Rudin-Keisler ordering, and the Tukey ordering
Oct 1 Natasha Dobrinen
More canonizations
Sep 24 Natasha Dobrinen
A canonical Ramsey theorem


May 21 Natasha Dobrinen
Tukey types of ultrafilters
May 14 Natasha Dobrinen
Two key theorems
Apr 30 Jenya Kirshtein
Cayley-Dickson loops
Apr 23 Petr Vojtechovsky
Searching for simple automorphic loops
Apr 2-16 Rick Ball
The P-frame reflection of a completely regular frame I-III
Mar 30 Kenneth Johnson (Penn State Abington)
The FKG-inequality and applications
Mar 9 Michael Kinyon
Feb 11 Alexandr Grishkov (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Bol loops
Jan 12 - Feb 2 Nick Galatos
The isomorphism problem for logics over M-sets I, II
Oct 26 - Nov 16 Ales Drapal (Charles University in Prague)
Latin bitrades I-IV
Oct 5-19 Stan Gudder
Search for quantum reality I-III
Sep 28 Petr Vojtechovsky
Distances of groups
Sep 21 Michael Kinyon
Semisimple bands


May 23 Peter Jipsen (Chapman)
The structure of free domain semirings and their representation by binary relations
May 2-30 Nikolaos Galatos
Residuated frames I-IV
Apr 18 Dan Daly
Epimorphisms and surjections in groups
Mar 7 - Apr 11 Rick Ball
Homomorphism dualities I-IV
Feb 8-22 Petr Vojtechovsky
Codes over GF(p) with prescribed intersections I-III
Jan 11 - Feb 1 Michael Kinyon
Skew lattices I-IV
Oct 29 - Nov 12 Natasha Dobrinen
Von Neumann's problem and Maharam's problem I-III
Sep 17 - Oct 15 Rick Ball
Forbidden configurations in Priestley spaces I-V


May 30 Kenneth Johnson (Penn State Abington)
Group matrices, harmonic analysis and the finite Fourier transform
May Rick Ball
Full-blown Priestley duality
April Michael Kinyon and Petr Vojtechovsky
On simple Bol loops
Winter Michael Kinyon and Petr Vojtechovsky
Series of talks on loops and quasigroups
Fall Eric Zenk


All year Rick Ball
Lattices and dualities