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Analysis & Dynamics Seminar

List of previous talks at the Analysis & Dynamics Seminar.


May 4 Dan Graybill
A brief introduction to juggling patterns (Siteswaps) and discussion of future research potentials
April 27 Evan Chang (University of Colorado Boulder)
Cooperative Program Analysis
Apr 6 Nic Ormes
Symbolic systems of linear complexity
Feb 23, Mar 2 Frank Schroeck
Quantum Mechanics on Phase Space and What It is Good For
Feb 16 Troy Butler (UC Denver)
Consistent Inversion of Uncertain Data for Models of Storm Surge, Subsurface Contaminant Transport, and Cooking Steaks
Nov 10 Dana Bartosova (Carnegie Mellon University)
Oct 6 Anton Dzhamay (University of Northern Colorado)
Painlevé Equations and the Isomonodromy


May 12, 19 Alvaro Arias
Banach spaces from barriers in high-dimensional Ellentuck spaces
May 5 Leonard Huang (CU Boulder)
Bundles of Hilbert C*-Modules and Square-Integrable Representations of Groupoids
Jan 27 Nate Eldredge (University of Northern Colorado)
Strong hypercontractivity on stratified Lie groups
Jan 13 Konrad Aguilar
Convergence of Quotients of AF Algebras in Quantum Propinquity by Convergence of Ideals
Oct 28 Greg Morrow (University of Colorado Colorado Springs)
Large deviations for certain integer valued statistics in gambler's ruin
Oct 14 John Antonioli
Synchronization in Fibers of Symbolic Factor Maps
Sep 23 Geraldo de Souza (Auburn University)
Historical account of the famous Calderon Theorem on convergence of Fourier series with a new development


May 13 Yongcheng Zhou (Colorado State University)
Curvature Driven Molecular Localization on Membrane Surfaces
May 6 Nic Ormes
Bounded Speedups, Odometers and Substitutions
Apr 29 Drew Ash
Speedups in dynamical systems
Apr 1 Rob Maier (University of Colorado Boulder and University of Arizona)
Generalized Darboux-Halphen Systems: Homomorphisms and Solutions
Mar 4 Olivier Pinaud (Colorado State University)
Recent results in the analysis of quantum hydrodynamical models
Feb 12 Jim Hagler
The Banach space C(K,X)
Jan 29 Konrad Aguilar
Metric and Inductive Limits of Finite-Dimensional C*-algebras (2/2)
Jan 22 Konrad Aguilar
Metric and Inductive Limits of Finite-Dimensional C*-algebras (1/2)
Nov 13 Simon Tavener (Colorado State University)
Adjoint-based a posteriori error analysis 2.0
Nov 6 Sean O’Rourke (CU Boulder)
Singular values and vectors under random perturbation
Oct 30 Patrick Shipman (Colorado State University)
The golden diffeomorphism of a circle
Oct 16 Konrad Aguilar
Convergence of AF C*-algebras with respect to Quantum Propinquity
Oct 9 Frederic Latremoliere
The Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity
Oct 2 James Liu (Colorado State University)
Mathematical Modeling for the Structure and Assembly of HIV-1 Viral Capsid
Sep 25 Maksym Pryporov
Error Estimates of the Bloch Band-Based Gaussian Beam Superposition for the Schrodinger Equation


May 29 David Aldous (Berkeley)
Foundational questions about sports rating models
May 15, 22 Drew Ash
Topological Speedups
May 8 Ben Dyhr (Metropolitan State Univ. of Denver)
Mathematical Applications of Schramm-Loewner Evolution
May 1 Konrad Aguilar
AF Algebras and Quantum Propinquity
Apr 24 Frederic Latremoliere
The Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity
Apr 3 Jose Iovino (University of Texas at San Antonio)
Banach Spaces
Mar 27 Judy Kennedy (Lamar University)
Horseshoes in Generalized Inverse Limits
Feb 27 Iddo Ben-Ari (University of Connecticut)
Efficient Coupling for Diffusion with Redistribution
Feb 13, 20 Thomas French
Follower Set Sequences
Feb 6 Konrad Aguilar
Monge-Kantorovich Metric for C*-algebras
Jan 30 Ales Pultr (Charles University)
What is pointfree topology, and what are its advantages
Jan 23 Michael Schraudner (Center for Mathematical Modeling, Santiago, Chile)
A combinatorial characterization of entropy minimality for Z^d shifts of finite type (SFTs) and related results
Jan 9 Florian Sobieczky
Counting almost disconnected components with random walks
Nov 14 Geraldo Soares de Souza (Auburn University)
Historical Account of the Famous Carleson Theorem on Convergence of Fourier Series with a new development
Oct 17, 24, 31 Ronnie Pavlov
Measures of maximal entropy and specification properties for symbolic systems)
Sep 26, Oct 3, 10 Natasha Dobrinen
Introduction to high-dimensional Ellentuck spaces
Sep 19 Codina Cotar (University College London)
Gradient Gibbs measures with disorder


May 23 Antonio Aviles Lopez (University of Murcia, Spain)
Strong Gaps and Trees
May 16 Jon Chaika (Utah)
Diophantine approximation for interval exchange transformations and flows on flat surfaces
May 9 Nic Ormes
Sofic shifts II
May 2 Ronnie Pavlov
Sofic shifts
Apr 11, 18, 25 Tim Trujillo
* Topological Ramsey spaces, associated ultrafilters, and their applications to the Tukey theory of ultrafilters and Dedekind cuts of nonstandard arithmetic I-III
Mar 28, Apr 4 John Griesmer
The Structure of Locally Compact Abelian Groups I-II
Mar 7 Alvaro Arias
The concentration of measure phenomenon in analysis
Feb 28 Jose Mijares Palacios
Finite Oscillation Stability
Feb 21 Gabriel Giron-Garnica
* Schlumprecht's Space
Jan 31, Feb 7, 14 Lori Alvin
Uniformly Recurrent Sequences and Minimal Cantor Sets I-III
Jan 24 Lisa Korf
Stochastic optimization
Nov 15 Paul Horn
The Li-Yau inequality for graphs III
Oct 25, Nov 8 Nic Ormes
Self-Similar Cantor Systems II, III
Oct 18 Paul Horn
The Li-Yau inequality for graphs II
Oct 11 Nic Ormes
Self-Similar Cantor Systems I
Oct 4 Paul Horn
The Li-Yau inequality for graphs I
Sep 27 Ronnie Pavlov
Computability of entropy for multidimensional shifts of finite type


May 17, 24 Florian Sobieczky
Amenable graphs of exponential growth I, II
Apr 26, May 3 John Griesmer
Additive combinatorics and harmonic analysis on groups I, II
Apr 5, 12, 19 Jim Hagler
Banach-Stone theorem I-III
Mar 29 Radoslaw Wojciechowski (York College of CUNY)
Applications of intrinsic metrics to spectral problems on graphs
Nov 2, 9 Geraldo Soares de Souza (Auburn University)
Atomic Decomposition of Some Banach Spaces and Applications I, II
Oct 19, 26 Zhe Liu
On the Foundations of Murray-von Neumann Algebras I, II
Oct 12 Nic Ormes
Kakutani equivalence II
Oct 5 Florian Sobieczky
The Bee in the Balloon: Recurrence on growing subgraphs
Sep 28 Florian Sobieczky
Random Walks on Unimodular Percolations with Determinantal Correlations
Sep 21 Nic Ormes
Orbit equivalence and Kakutani equivalence in dynamics I


May 25 Alvaro Arias
Discontinuous homomorphisms in C(X)
May 11, 17 Ronnie Pavlov
Topologically completely positive entropy for shifts of finite type I, II
May 4 Alvaro Arias
Topics in analysis and set theory
Apr 13, 20, 27 Frank Schroeck
How to Represent Classical Mechanics in a Hilbert Space by use of a Lie Group/Algebra Formalism I-III
Mar 20 John Griesmer (Ohio State)
Sumsets and single recurrence
Mar 2 Jim Hagler
The Kunen-Martin theorem and applications in Banach space theory
Jan 20-27
Feb 10
Frederic Latremoliere
Noncommutative solenoids I-III
Oct - Nov Ronnie Pavlov
Limiting entropy of d-dimensional axial powers of subshifts I-IV
Sep 30 Jerry Lodder (New Mexico State)
Leibniz (Co)homology: A Non-commutative Invariant for Lie Algebras
Sep 23 Frederic Latremoliere
Isomorphisms of domain algebras


May 27 Shlomo Reisner (University of Haifa, Israel)
Local unconditional structure in Banach spaces and its connection to certain operator ideals
May 20 Rick Ball
Pointfree integration IV
May 13 Ken Gross (University of Vermont)
Special functions of matrix argument
Apr 22-May 6 Rick Ball
Pointfree integration I-III
Apr 7 Anne McCarthy (Fort Lewis College)
Rigidity of solvable group actions
Feb 18-25 Alvaro Arias
The group of isometries of Urysohn's space I, II
Jan 28-Feb 11 Jim Hagler
U - The Urysohn universal separable metric space I-III
Nov 9, 16 Frank Schroeck
Classical mechanics in Hilbert space II, III
Nov 2 Ronnie Pavlov
Approximating the entropy of two-dimensional shifts of finite type III
Oct 26 Ted Gamelin (UCLA)
Complex dynamics and composition operators
Oct 12-19 Ronnie Pavlov
Approximating the entropy of two-dimensional shifts of finite type I, II
Sep 28 Frank Schroeck
Classical mechanics in Hilbert space


May 27 Jim Hagler
Applications of the Baire Category Theorem in Functional Analysis II
May 20 Jim Hagler
Renormings in Banach spaces
May 4 Sergio Lopez-Permouth (Ohio University)
Poor modules: The opposite of injectivity
Apr 8-22 Nic Ormes
Conjugacy invariants for SFTs I-III
Mar 4-11 Alvaro Arias
Ergodic actions of convergent Fuchsian groups on quotients of the noncommutative Hardy algebras I-II
Feb 4-25 Jonathan Von Stroh
* Commutant lifting theorem II-V
Jan 28 Alvaro Arias
Commutant lifting theorem
Nov 12-19 Roberto Beneduci (University of Calibria, Italy)
Positive operator valued measures and applications I, II
Nov 5 Sarah Frick (Furman University)
Symbolic dynamics - shift spaces, graphs, and continuous functions
Oct 22 Annette Locke
Another example of a basic sequence in X infinity that has no c 0 subsequence II
Oct 15 Andrew Dykstra (Hamilton College)
Very weakly, loosely, and vaguely Bernoulli systems
Oct 8 Annette Locke
Another example of a basic sequence in X infinity that has no c 0 subsequence
Sep 24 - Oct 1 Nic Ormes
Topological realizations and orbit equivalence I-II


Apr 25 - May 9 Brett Werner
An example of strong orbit equivalent and kakutani equivalent minimal Cantor systems that are not conjugate I-III
Nov 5 - Oct 22 Nic Ormes
Flow equivalence and orbit equivalence I-III
Oct 1-15 Frederic Latremoliere
Survey of K-Theory I-III
Sep 17-24 Alvaro Arias
Full C*-algebra and reduced C*-algebra I, II


Spring Alvaro Arias
On a paper of Davidson and Katsoulis "Multivariable dynamics"
Winter Alvaro Arias
On results of Katsoulis and Kribbs about isomorphisms of dynamical systems